Fueling my continuing erections  

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9/9/2006 5:36 pm
Fueling my continuing erections

“I definitely have a wild side behind closed doors,” She said to me. “I always need a little spanking”, she whispered. “I have a side that is interested in delving more into bondage and discipline. It has been a very small part of my sexual life with my ex. I also found it stimulating to be occasionally spanked. I have never had a partner that liked to be spanked. I do like erotic "rough" play. I can't think of another way to word it. I am not into pain for pains sake either.” She leaned in and kissed me deeply and pulled away slightly and continued. “I must let you now that I also love oral sex, giving and receiving," she sighed, and continued "I have often thought of seducing and taking total advantage of a man, having my way with him, doing things to him that gives me pleasure, and has him fulfill my desires.”

I was definitely intrigued by this revelation. “What more do you want, Babe?” I asked. “I have always wanted to totally take over sexually with a man. To push him against the wall and kiss him hard and forcefully, almost rip his clothes off, kissing his neck, chest, working my way down his body, unbuckling his belt and undoing his button and zipper, pulling his pants and underwear down, kissing his thighs working my way closer to his penis, blowing softly on it, teasing it, then giving small kisses on the shaft working my way to the head. I would take you in my mouth sucking gently at first but then getting stronger, at the same time I would massage your butt working toward your anus and finger you anally. I want to see your face when you cum. I would push you down and massage and kiss every inch of your body. That would take a lot of time. When you are aroused again, I would like to use strap-on and lovingly penetrate you slowly moving it in and out at first but then pumping hard and fast.” Wow, how did she know? How could she know? I was entranced and the rapture of my soul being so exposed for me by this luscious lady. The very thought of being the submissive to such a strong willed women was intoxication primavera. I held her to me and whispered into her ear to go for it. I said, “have your way with me live your fantasy, live the moment.”

“Your restraining devices sound pretty elaborate. It is something I would like to try sometime. I have never done roll-playing or scenarios, but have often wanted to. My fantasies often involve a scene and anal sex. My anal sex experience is slim but it's something I'd like to explore more. I've always wanted to anally explore a man but never found a man that would entertain the idea. I've also wanted to try a punishment scenario which would incorporate spanking.”

She turned to me face-on straddling my lap looking deep into my eyes as the dampness of her panties teased at my cock, and the fragrance of her sex welled up from her cunt to fill the room with impending raucous sex. Seeing deep into me she rasped, “I have administered a spanking, but have never been a Domme. It is something I would like to explore though. I find it very sexy to have a man submit, be punished, and for me to be the power in the bedroom…sometimes. I haven't found a willing participant...yet.” I pictured my dream in leather and heels looking down on me seeking to break my spirit and dominate me. Hmmm! OHoooo!

Grasping my chin, my wishful beautiful Domitrice continued to explain her needs, “Threesomes and group sex are some of my fantasies, I'm willing to try almost anything at least once.” Changing her tone to that of a sultry seductress, said, “I have never shaved anyone except myself, but would love to experience doing it to another. I never used incense or tried exotic perfumes but I do like candles. If I had a Jacuzzi, I would like to line the edges with aromatic candles and soak with my eyes closed.”

I listened intently as I learn as she informed me, “I'm usually ok with public displays of affection depending on how public and what the mood is. How do you feel about public shows of affection? I love very sexy passionate kisses in doorways. I like to do the popular supermarket quickie butt pat/grab or the back handed crotch feel.” I gaped and breathed deeply as my rigid pole pressed her silky panty fabric up into her sex, soaking both of us with the copious lubricants of our arousal. Holding my head in both of her hands, bringing her lips just to mine she promised, “We will have to explore all those options. I want to love you like no one else ever has. I want to create rapture in you.” She continued with a sigh, “I am very happy you are open with your vulnerable side! It is refreshing indeed to see a man be able to do that. I find it incredibly sexy. Mmm. I would like to have you in a situation where your confidence, need to be perfect, and control can be stripped away.”

“I want you to relax, but not too much as I want you always hard for me as I’m going to fuck your brains out, starting right now!” She sighed deeply, inhaled and kissed me with a fever burning igniting a passion that soon boiled in our furnace of vigorous coupling to force our cum to explode simultaneously ultimately satisfying and which continued through the night as the vision of all thoughts wonderful intentions continued to fuel my continuing erections.

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