Now what???  

DatBoyInVa 36M
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11/13/2005 9:30 pm

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5/26/2006 11:26 pm

Now what???

This past weekend was one i will never forget. Two months of friendly flirting with a co-worker of mine turned into an intimate night between the two of us. Involving myself with older is something i try not to do but it happens. And in this particular case, involving myself with someone 20 years older than i am is something that i am still trying to deal with.

At work, we are the best of friends so we pretty much talk to each other about anything. One night, she brought to my attention that she would like to know how i am in bed. I kind of brushed it off because i found it to be a joke, but i soon came to find out that she was serious. So this weekend, i invited her over to my place and a night of friends having a friendly conversation turned into a night of great sex. Here i am 25yrs old and she 44yrs. It felt odd knowing that i was about to have sex with someone that much older than i was but i went with the flow and found myself enjoying sex more then i would have with someone closer to my age.

I knew she has been with guys a lot older than what i am so i was very nervous because i didn't think i would do a good job of making the sex something she would enjoy. After a few minutes into the act, i came to realize that i don't have to get in bed and try to bang a females brains out in order to make a statement. It's better to take things slow while doing a lot of kissing and caressing. Besides, sex can be longer and more enjoyable that way. As time passed by, i noticed she was starting to tear up and at the same time, she was letting me know how good i was making her feel. Taking all of this in, i started getting more into the sex and taking my sex drive to an even higher level to the point where i caused her to have an orgasm to the point where she just broke down and couldn't move.

After this incident, i get phone call after phone call from her and it's just giving me a headache right now. From the start i let her know that nothing serious was going to result from this and i am kind of regretting the fact that i took this situation to the point of sex.

rm_whoredog64 52M
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5/14/2006 6:20 pm



and YOU are 'regretting the fact' that you tapped it????


rm_jada1976 40F
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5/15/2006 6:52 am

i dont c why u regret it as long as u had fun sounds like she enjoyed every inch of you so u must got it going on like that for an older woman to be cumming at u like that i want some of what u gave her

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