Wal_Mart Sex  

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7/15/2006 2:10 pm

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Wal_Mart Sex

Happy days to you an may your Kitty be forever wet

You come to my truck, at your friendly Wal-Mart or K-Mart store. Before you get there I have my curtains up so there is very little light in the cab. You check my doors. The door is unlocked. You get in and put on the blindfold laying on the drivers seat. You tell me that you are ready. I open the curtains to the sleeper section and help you in. You are setting on my bed. I kiss and taste your honey sweet lips. My tongue searches for yours and when they touch you start to relax. I haven't spoken any words to you. You are not here for talking but for pleasure. For pleasure like you have never experienced before.

My lips taste your mouth while my fingers go to your blouse and start to undress you. Your beautiful breasts bounce free to their fullest when I remove your bra. Now my lips move down and take one nipple into my mouth. I feel a shiver rush through your body and you arch your breasts to my lips. With my other hand I gently take your other breast and caress it and feeling its fullness and feeling the hard nub that is your nipple. My lips move to that nipple and I hear you give a little moan. !!!!!!hummmmm Oooooh hummmm!!!!!!!

I reach for your zipper on your skirt and ease it down your legs. You are not wearing any panties because you wanted to make it easier for me to undress you. I gently lay you down on my bed. I reach down and spread your legs apart to make your pussy easy to reach. My hand touches your pussy and I feel the extreme wetness from your excitement. Not wasting any more time I drop down and take one long smooth lick of that sweetness dripping from your pussy. Your body arches up to reach for my tongue, wanting more of that warm hard tongue. You moan and dry hump the air. Your body wanting for release.

My lips kiss the inside of your thighs on each side of your pussy. I kiss your legs and lick your flesh. I reach your feet and suck on each of your toes. Then I start moving back up your other leg kissing and licking all the way up to your pussy. This time I settle down and lick the juice from your pussy and start sucking on your clit.

I pull your clit into my mouth and run my tongue over the top of it back and forth back and forth. You moan with intense pleasure. Your pussy pushes up to get more of my tongue inside. I lick and suck on your lips as you begin to cum and cum. I hear you scream my name as an intense orgasm rocks your body. You fall back not able to take more. I move my lips back up to your nipples and suck and pull on them and then to your mouth and lips. As I move to your mouth and lips your pussy searches for my cock and when it finds me it sucks my cock deep inside touching the very bottom of your sex. I move my hips up and down as you move your hips up and down not wanting my cock to leave the tight warmth of your body. As I move my cock in and out of your pussy you gush from your pussy and the wetness spews out and onto my balls.

My cock is throbbing and ready to cum. I leave your lips and turn around in the 69 position. As my lips once again kiss and lick your pussy you take my cock into your mouth, stopping any more sound that you were going to make. I now only hear little moans coming from your throat and the sound of your mouth trying to suck all of my strength from my body. I am sucking on your pussy trying to swallow all of your juice. Licking and sucking licking your lips and sucking your clit and you are cuming and cuming and cuming. I turn around again and slide my cock back into your pussy and as I do you are no longer dry humping but are fucking me and I?m fucking you and we start to cum.
You are screaming Oh God Oh Baby Oh fuck me hard Ooooh do it Baby Oh God I?m cuming. Oh damn! Don, fuck me take me, fuck my pussy take all of meeeeee!! You orgasm and orgasm and orgasm and I start to shoot my cum deep into your pussy. I feel my balls tighten and release and tighten and release shooting my cum deep inside your tight, hot, creamy pussy. All of this without a word. Just two XXXhornyXXX people passing in the night.

My lips, my tongue, my hard throbbing cock, and I eagerly await your reply.

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7/15/2006 7:09 pm

Welcome to the blogs! Great post! I'm going to look at those big trucks at Walmart in a whole different way from now on!

Hey! I hope you'll stop by my blog and sign up for Camp Aphrodisiac! It's going to be fun! CAMP APHRODISIAC...........Get Excited!!!

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