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11/2/2005 10:27 am

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Darke Knights

Just thought I'd dash off a little note. (In case someone is actually reading these things.)

Fall is here in Virginia, cold nights (and cold bed) the smell of autumn is everywhere. The sun is warm but the air has that hint of winter to it.

This would be a great time to snuggle up with a lovely lady as we sip hot choclate and watch the leaves fall. (Yes, I have done that.)

I read all the time that women are looking for a romantic, but I don't think that's true, or maybe, just not in this area. Everyone here seems to want a "good ol' boy" with a snuff can and a "pick'em up" truck.

Where are the ladies who like to hear a guy give them poetry at a moments notice? Who loves to hold a woman during the 'afterglow'? A guy that thinks more about her than the about the next Football/basketball game? Who would rather stay home and make love to her that go out with the guys and get drunk?

Alas, they are, apparently, all made up by Park Avenue advertising.

Well, sorry, I don't like to chew tobacco and I don't have a truck. But give me three ingredients and a mood and I'll have you a poem in a couple of minutes. Maybe not good poetry, but it will rhyme.

If anyone IS reading this, sorry, I'm just rambling and, yes, maybe a little bit of a rant here, too.

So. HEY!, any Ladies in the Wytheville/Bluefield area who want to meet a nice guy.

Hello. Let's get together. Talk. Laugh.

And if your interested in something physical... I'll do my best to either:

1- Pleasure you until you're as limp as a dishrag


2 - stretch like a cat in the morning.

'nuff said


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