Autumn Thoughts  

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10/26/2005 2:13 pm

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Autumn Thoughts

I walk into the autum sunlight,
Leaves crackling and dancing from my path.
The smoky smell of fall around me,
I smile, but I don't laugh.

Long ago, it seems, I walked along this trail
Then elder trees cast summer shadows.
Once again I find the fairie ring.
But now it lies cold and fallow.

The moss is gone, the trees are silent,
But my memories fly back.
To a beauty who danced before me,
Who danced, but left no tracks.

Timid as a fawn, she was,
But still she came to me.
Giving to me her love, her sorrow,
I tried to help and set her free.

Our passions were deep and beautiful
We caressed, kissed and touched.
Desires that burnt like a shooting star,
Feelings to which I tightly clutched.

But now the autumn leaves,
have covered the fairie ring.
Leaving a heart thats empty,
One that's cold and stings.

Pandora should have never opened,
That box a second time.
The only hope that came from it.
Was this false Hope of mine.

But clinging to that is better,
Than the sinking feeling inside.
Better to remember my Love,
Whom I once did lay beside.

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