Water Dream  

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12/22/2005 11:08 am

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Water Dream

As you have probably read from the previous Blog i had a bath last night after i spoke to honey on the phone. he told me to drean of him so i did lol it was really vivid i like him so much i can still remember it well right now im really tiired im still sick so i g2g n passions is on now so i get to watch that yay lol well im out ttyl every1 drop a comment sometimes peace.

Soap Me Up

Tonight we decided to shower together
Holding each other letting the water run over us
For some reason I was extremely horny
He was washing his hair couldn’t see me looking at him
I took his hand and directed it to my pussy
Pulled him to me and we kissed
Feeling his body close to mine
Making me want him so much more
He turned me around so my back was to him
Kissed my neck softly brushing my hair aside
His hands met my breasts while he had the soap
Licking and kissing me from my neck to my ear
Soap all over my breasts and stomach
His kisses becoming so intense
He pushes me against the glass
His hand down by my pussy I feel the soap all over
I can’t take it anymore so I turn to him
Kisses so passionate and filled with intensity
With one leg against the wall
He thrusts his cock into my pussy covered in soap
I let out a long moan as I wanted that so much
Finally feeling his cock in me
Thrusting in and out
I slide my hand down between us
I can feel his cock going in and out
Rubbing my clit as he goes to his motion
God it feels so good
He draws into me and kisses me hard
A little bit longer, I can feel it close
Embracing each other like it’s our last
My nipples start to tingle as I know I’m about to cum
He’s thrusting harder and harder
I close my eyes as I’ve reached my climax
Then one more hard drive, he cums in me
Slowly moving my ass back and forth
Awaiting the light headedness to go
Still holding each other we kiss
Noticing the waters no longer hot
We stand there a little while longer
Holding each other in the cold..

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