Just another dream  

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4/8/2006 11:59 am

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4/22/2006 7:58 pm

Just another dream

thought id update this with an intresting dream i had about a guy n me i wish i could see who it was cuz all i can remember is his eyes but if any one that wants to be this guy drop me a line n ill get back to you peace

we were alone and by the fire place i was feeding you strawberries dipped in choclate and u were licking the tip and letting it sit there before puttin the other half in my mouth and then kissing me and then u laid me down and start to unbutton my blouse u started playing with my toungue and pulling my nipples and u started to take ur other hand and slowly slide down my thong and rub my thighs gently as u suck my lips and then my neck and finally my breast and nipples and u slowly push ur fingers in my pussy firstone then two then four and u start to finger very hard grabing my pussy and biting hard down on my nipples leaving your marks on my breast i cry out as u start to fist me and you put ur finger to my lips and i start to suck and bite it you lick down to my pussy and you give it a kiss you start lick the lips and the clit before putting it inside and as soon as u do i cum over and over and u start to rub the clit very rough as i cum very hard i start to moan and ask for dick but you say not yet and grab my breast as u push your toungue in deeper i start to cum so very very much and start to scream but u push your fingers in my mouth and you say i dont want to hear you u move your fingers around my toungue and i bite them hard and then i take your hands and u pull u up from my pussy and i push u down and climb on top of you and kiss u hard and start to lick down to your dick and i start to lick the head and kiss it gemtly and rub it around my lips and nipples and rub it up and down in between my breast while im sucking it and i put it all in my mouth letting my teeth graze it and then i start nibling it and sucking it harder and harder as i massage the balls and grab your ass i stand up and rub your dick all over my body and i lay it on my clit and then i rub it up and down inbetween my pussy lips and teasing you so much that you push me against the wall and u take my leg and put it around your waist and you start to insert your dick in my pussy inch by inch then u take it out and put it back in but never all the way untill u have me begging for you to do so and put in one thrust and i cum instantly and moan very loud and you take my ear in your mouth and nibble it as you start to fuck very hard and very fast im screaming and calling your name and you must like it alot cause you go faster and more harder and you grab my breast very hard and when you do slow down you suck my lips and push your dick very hard feeling me cum with every thrust and u take some on your finger and slip it in my mouth and then u kiss my lips and you start again more faster and harder you push up very hard and i scream and you cum so hard and long and you kiss me and let me go and i slide down and start to suck your dick making sure i suck it dry and u grab my breast and i grab your ass and you pick me up and lay me on the bed and lick my pussy before start fucking it again and then i moan really loud and kiss you kiss me and tell me to shut up and i do but its not hard so i start to bite you ear and nibble and suck it to and then i woke up.

rm_nots03 34M
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4/10/2006 4:34 pm

Damn Baby gurl..i will be that man any where anyday.For sho you can write i hope u do it as u write it.Nway holla at me if u want to coz i wanna be that man so bad!

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