Felt like reading today  

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12/6/2005 11:34 am

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Felt like reading today

Hey everyone felt like reading alot today so i decided to pick up one of my favorite books it has alot of very personal and passioante poems so i decided to include my fav from the book which is below. i had a bit of a rough day school was terrible all the ppl in N.S you know how cold it was outside today i needed my long sock lol i should have worn them but i didnt so my feet froze but anyway hope yall well and unfrozen feet are alot better than mine lol i see yah all later
~peace yall~

Make Love

Sudden silence,
Sudden heat,
Instant connection,
True and deep.

Eyes meet,
Flesh on flesh,
You run your hands against my breast
Time stops, the room starts to spin
In a distant whirl of clothes and skin.
I kiss you deeply, you pull me close,
You hold me so tight, you can’t be a ghost.

I breathe in deep, you lay me down,
I live off of you, in you I drown.
Your warm tongue, against my chest
I feel you lick and suck my breasts.

You run your hands all over me,
My body is locked, only you have the key.
You hear me moan, you hear me scream,
Now you know I’m not a dream.

I want to suck you, hold you close,
Lick you and please you the very most,
Make you cum in my mouth,
Taste you, make your tension melt.

You stroke my clit,
With your wet tongue,
You put your fingers inside me,
We’re nowhere near done,

You blindfold me, with black lace,
I can see nothing, but your kiss I can taste,
You climb on top and start to slide in,
I am so wet for you, you feel my moist skin.

You pull out, make me wait,
Stroke your hard cock against the gate.
I feel your warmth; you’re throbbing for me,
I can’t wait to unite with you and just be.

I hear your hot breath, resound in my ear,
The words you speak are incredibly clear,
“I love you, baby” you say to me,
“Just fuck me,” I tell you, “let yourself free.”

You slide yourself in, ever so deep,
You rock slowly, let the sensations seep,
You hear a moan escape my sweet lips,
Which you immediately lean in and gently kiss.

I feel you speed up,
“Come on, baby, go!”
I want you to fuck me,
This you now know.

You grind against me, pump in and out
I grip the sheets tightly, and without a doubt.
I want you inside me, never let go,
Release yourself, just let it flow.

I sensually suck on my lower lip,
Throw my hands to the headboard, so that I don’t slip.
You keep on going, I feel you inside,
My legs are opened, far and wide.

I feel all you do; it’s getting to me,
My muscles all tighten, I still cannot see
I can’t hold on any longer, I let myself go…

The energy rushes, through me it flows,
From the top of my head, to the tips of my toes.
You kiss my neck, you still thrust deep,
You bring yourself to the edge, and take the leap.

This is what true love is all about,
Real ecstasy, without a doubt,
You hold me close, you kiss me deep,
You whisper that you love me, as I drift into sleep.
Ps: So turned on right now

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