Where does the time fly?  

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1/30/2006 6:20 am

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Where does the time fly?

(listening to Peter Gabriel - UP!)
How is it monday already?

In some respects a pretty uneventful weekend. Worked, rested, pottered about.

But I did have an awkward moment!

My next door neighbour and I have chatted a bit, and exchanged pleasentries.... She mentioned that maybe we should have a cup of coffee together...

Saturday she saw me out with a female friend, and she did not seem to happy about it. I was just giving her a ride to the grocery store and that was it... so I may have to smooth things over...maybe with a coffee and a back rub!

Mind you I woke up this morning feeling stiff, I wonder who I was thinking of?

I will while I'm thinking of it, give some credit.
Last week I wrote to many people, two of the ladies did write back and say "thanks but no thanks"!... I'm sorry that they said that, but am glad that they did!... So credit to them..

Time to start the day. Good luck everyone!

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