Onwards and upwards  

Darkhorse705 47M  
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5/27/2006 11:35 am
Onwards and upwards

Listening to One Hit Wonders

There are several signs that spring is here and summer is soon to follow.

- I no longer have to fear slipping on the walk to my car
- NHL hockey games are tense and exciting, and really is there anything more exciting than OT especially when it's period #2 and beyond?
- Inside I have this great sense that the next time I hit a golf ball it won;t try and spite me and turn left 80 yards after it leaves my club!
- Yard sale signs spring up like flowers!

I was out this morning "yard sailing"... great fun, picked up a few more glasses for my bar. I spoke to a beautiful woman who I saw at several of the sales. I hope to see her again next weekend, and maybe we could arrange to have a coffee, or maybe share a car as we drive around? always hope!

Nothing new on the relationship side. I'll renew my membership soon, and maybe this time I'll get some responses!

oh well...

be good to each other everyone!

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