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8/12/2005 7:10 am

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As I meet new people and spend time with those I've already met, one foible has struck me....

What ever happened to people's manners?

I'm not saying I expect everyone to live their lives according to a book of etiquette, But the basic manners is what I am referring to.

How many of you:
cover your mouth when you yawn?
hold the door for a person coming behind you?
eat with your mouth closed?
show some respect for your fellow man?
reply to a message with a polite 'thanks but no thanks'?

Or of course there is modern problem with people who do not turn off their cell phones in restaurants, theatres or the cinema!

Oh well....

Work beckons

queenpeach 47M/40F

8/12/2005 8:07 am

I completely agree with you on the subject of manners.

I cover my mouth when I yawn, my nose when I sneeze, and my mouth when I cough. I try to instill the same manners in my children. Don't talk with food in your mouth. Chew with your mouth shut. Don't slurp your food. Don't gulp your drink. I always hold the door for people coming in behind me.

I show all of these manners, but often receive nothing in return. I don't do it for someone to show it back to me, though. I do it because it's just me. It is nice to know that there are other human beings out there that want to treat others humanely though. Thanks for your post.

HardlyYours4Now 52M

8/12/2005 8:25 am

I remember when moved from the deep south to a midwestern town several years back - and, no, this isn't one of those north/south things as far as I'm concerned - I was accustomed to holding the door for others. When a group of coworkers were headed out to lunch, I stepped ahead to grab the door. One of the women in the group stopped, waited until the others were through, then said,"You're not pulling that Southern gentleman crap on me." She wouldn't go through the door until I had gone through, and it had shut completely.

I just don't get it.

Oops, just hawked up a big loogie - gotta go spit.

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