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4/5/2006 4:06 pm

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about the colorful life

Sometimes life is beautiful, sometimes life is a real bitch.

Yesterday, I was to a party as one of our collegues just passed his PhD final exam. Everybody was happy, even our boss who had his ego hurt by the small games intended to be won by his former PhD student. The friendship and joy feelings filled the air of the party. I took a lot of photos and I mused today on their account. Very delightful indeed. Nice food, a lot of drinks and very nice people. I was happy and jotful.

Today, I came to the office a little bit later than usually. No problem occured due to this thing (most of my collegues did it). I did the usual things I do when I reach my office: reading and replying at e-mails, checking the latest news, things like that. Everything was fine until one of my friends called me and she told me she broke up with her boyfriend. Nothing unusual you may say. It happens all the time, doesn't it? Well, even so, I couldn't pass over it too easy. I tried to speak with her without any success. Lately today, I finally to have a small communication with her and I felt her sorrow even if she told me that she is OK and she doesn't feel any negative feeling. Actually, she was told that she was cheated by his ex with the best (girl)friend of her. So, I'm wondering how can anybody call anything to be a relationship when your partner is cheating you constantly. During seven years, she fought for that relationship. Seven ears she didn't want to look for anybody else because she fully comitted herself into that relationship. And her ex-partner just told her that he doesn't love her and he had been cheating on her since for years ago. That after he promised her not to cheat her again (that in the very first year being together). He played his "saint" and "careful" role just now, telling her he couldn't endure seeing her unhappy with their relationship. He almost made her to blame herself for their unhappy relationship.

I really wonder how can a so-called human being can be such a jerk. She is beautiful, she has a beautiful soul and she always put herself after all the rest. I hate when such things happen to very nice people!

As I said in the begining of this post: sometimes life si beautiful, sometimes life is a bitch! And I still believe in humanity... I think I am the most stupid person on Earth!

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