Now I started..  

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Now I started..

Now i started..
What is this fuss about sex in Singapore
arn't men not getting enough sex or they DON'T get any??

Even Singaporean drivers have missed their chance to have S-E-X on the roads after the famously strait-laced government here stepped in to stop car license plates from forming "objectionable words".

And what with all the girls who are only looking for non asians??
It's embarrassing being Singaporean. Especially if you're a man.

In a recent survey by FHM magazine, they found that not only did Singaporean men had very little sex per week, they also had the second smallest ding-a-lings.

Ages ago, fearing that the population will rise too fast and overload Singapore's limited space, the government encouraged its citizens to have 2 children only. Recently, they held a campaign to encourage more baby production!

Pity the Singaporean men! Not only do they not get alot of action, now everyone in the world knows as the government has confirmed. It won't be long before the Singapore government also encourage penis enlargement operations too.

To top it all off, oral sex is also banned in Singapore

Be careful when you're in Singapore. If a girl performs oral sex on you, she may be able to blackmail you by threatening to report you to the police. In other words, if you're a visitor to Singapore, keep your wandering hands off women and enjoy the good food Singapore offers instead.

The law is also unjust, in that it seems to convict men who receive oral sex, and not the women who administer it. It also doesn't seem illegal if men perform the same on women.

I predict many Singaporeans are protesting privately by having oral sex at home. Maybe the government plans to continue banning oral sex and encourage normal sex to increase baby production?

Not only Singaporean.. even a monkey..
Ah Meng, Singapore’s orangutan darling, was charged in court yesterday for performing oral sex, which Singapore’s Penile Code deems an offence against nature punishable with a possible sentence of life imprisonment..

Even just in this AdultFriendFinder
you can see how many women prefer non asian...
I only want ang moh
They give 1001 reason for their doings..
but how many of them really succeeded forever?
It is a common perception that many SPGs are Malays and Indians because they have naturally dark skin and Caucasian men prefer tanned girls. This is a misconception.

At any one night at all the clubs I went to, I found that there are equal number of Chinese, Malays and Indian girls who date or pick up ang moh men.

Even though ang moh find dark skin sexy, it really doesn't matter what colour skin a girl has. If they fall in love with a fair Chinese, he will still love her the same as when he fall in love with a dark Indian girl

The women, on the other hand, are in a different situation. While the men don't have preferences for skin colour or race, a SPG (be it a Chinese, Indian or Malay) will go for the Caucasian at all times

once observed an incident at Carnegies. Since it was still early in the night, there was only a 20-something girl and her group of friends, 2 men-one young good-looking Chinese and one middle-aged and almost balding Caucasian, and my group of Chinese girlfriends at the bar.

While it would be obvious to choose to pick up the good-looking Chinese male, the girl, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt and pants, walked over to the balding ang moh, leaving the Chinese staring at the ceiling.

I have observed many similar instances in other clubs, no matter what race or skin colour the girl is.

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