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DankDevious 34M
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9/5/2006 1:48 pm
stream of conciousness

I wake up to find myself lost within a dream, a dream within a dream the nightmare of inescapable sleep, in this place where the monsters are real and lurk on every corner, shifty eyes and demon claws are no loonger the standard of this age, trenchcoats and loud colors np longer mark the predators of these streets, we live in the world of dreams this world of faceless voiceless interaction an electronic telepathy that broadcasts our thoughts to every corner of the known universe, we sit seemingly in the comfort of your own home, reaching out soundlessly to those an entire world away, how then do you fall victim to these monsters these street=prowlers in the sanctity of your castle? No safe is ever secure no bank can forever remain unbroken, no seal unblemished by the doubt of a nonbeliever, these are principles of reality. but do we exist i n a reality or is this the dreamwithin the dream the inescapable anguish of disallusionment and despair, who is the greater monster the man who kills or the one who walks by unknowing unseeing, blinded by his own denial, his short comings are his pride his inability to see...these are the things he cherishes. PRIDE cometh beofre the fall, but what comes after, what of those who have already fallen those whose inevitable destination is overturned in a row of domiunoes that no longer functions because of the fallen? what of those who have no these shortcomings...those who bear witness, and speak out is it their pride that allows them to think they can change the nature of the beast? Then they too are fallen. who then in this great mystery is our hero, who then is our saving grace the one who will not fall? Is it the unscroupulous, the immoral, the blasphemer, the vagabond? is it the evil the cold the selfish? or is it the selfless, righteous, pious man who roams seeking nothing but a bit of bread and a place to rest his weary feet for another in an endless string of wandering nights? who is to be the one to wake me form this dream within a dream, I am fearful for if I awake from this dream, I fear that thinking I am awake, I will fall aback to sleep in my dream only to find myself back again where I began. there are fires in the streets here, looters and madmen roaming the streets in equal number, blood and death everywhere around me. How I long for the sun, how I long for the breath of fresh air free of the putrid stench of burning bodies, decaying flesh and the hopelessness of a generation defeated. can you wake me from this horrible dream...the landscape seems so familiar so dear to me in my youth all I can ask for is to awaken, my redemption lies at the end of a long road that i have not the strenght to sins are not to be forgiven...I have embraced them and held them dear to my now I wander this dreascape, lost. forever a victim of a place that is not now and is not then, I see what is to be and plead that you awaken me from my dream within a dream.

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