Careful Captivation: To Love and Lose  

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8/11/2006 1:28 pm

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9/19/2006 2:40 pm

Careful Captivation: To Love and Lose

Lush lips leaving trails of fire,
Long legs increasing my desire,
Body that has caused many men to expire,
Seeking to bring me higher,
fully charged like a live wire,
she's the one of whom I'll never tire,
Lust love and infatuation,
wonder how i got into this situation,
not one to jump in with no hesitation
but in this instance its cause of celebration
brought to a higher level of elation
feel like I can see the world from this elevation, no need for concentration,
because she holds me enraptured, and my mindset is Devious and difficult to capture

vicious sense of humor make you into a believer, ideal in every way and an overachiever,
I cant conceive her in any other way, other than how she maintains today, continually blown away and she leaves me breathless every time she laughs, or drops her luscious tresses, lovely in dresses, sweats or jeans, embodiment of every mans fantasy and dreams, she's twisted so she schemes, and in the sack she screams, good loving enough to make you burst at the seams, we make a great team, constantly improving, can never sit still o we're always moving, I'm constantly grooving to the beat in my head, she laughs at me cause cause I twitch and I sleep like I'm dead, but even sleeping rhymes still come out my head,
"what was that you said?" is usually the repeated comment every night until she got used to it so now its alright, she said it makes her night and I'm such an innovator, She tells me she loves me and shes glad I date her, there's no way to hate her, I know I tried, it tore my heart out the one time she cried, I almost died watching those tears forming, light blue skies darkened by rain clouds forms, and when she started storming I couldn't make her stop, she shivered and cried, my heart wanted to pop, she's the cream to my crop, the spin to my top, the servomotors that run this twisted robot, I love her non-stop, even now after her dying day, distances between us but that cant keep my heart away, hoping someday something like this will once again come my way, until that day I roam and tell myself "it'll be OK"

Hydragenias 56F

8/11/2006 2:14 pm

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