The Fourth  

DanTravels 45M
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3/12/2006 6:22 am
The Fourth

I had to wait a while to get some time to talk with the fourth and final person whom I like and enjoy hanging around with a lot more than... well, all you other people on this planet. Busy schedules, and so on.

Saturday, though, the time came, as we spent about five hours hiking around together. And she was happy with the revelation.

(Remember this, kids. If you're going to like someone an awful lot... pick someone who likes you. If you pick someone who doesn't, you'll just seem like a stalker.)

So with that, the list is complete. I've got a wife, and three other very close female friends around the world. All are my juniors by different amounts, all are beautiful but none make it easy for me to take their photos, all are smart bigtime, all are physically active, and none are quite... typical.

So why am I on here? Well, read my profile. It's not for sex... it's to meet interesting people around the world.

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