I was beginning to feel uncomfortable ...  

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11/28/2005 1:57 pm

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I was beginning to feel uncomfortable ...

... it was almost time to leave, the room was getting louder, and overcrowded, then in a brief moment, all that changed, my apprehension had disappeared, when she walked through the door.

In a room filled with ego, attention seekers and heady fragrance, she was the only person I could see.

I had sensed the moment she arrived, the air in the room suddenly changed, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and the whole place became animated, alive, electric.

She had entered with a small group, friends or colleagues, all appeared loud, each trying to out do the next for what seemed to be her attention, and even though I wasn’t close enough to hear it, I could tell her laugh was infectious. I watched as those around her paused in anticipation of her reaction, and theirs followed. There are some girls, who don't realise they have this power over men, but she was obviously very aware, and she controlled her crowd with it.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, everything else in my life, at this moment, was a distraction from her, and my enamored gaze was noted by the man with Val Kilmer teeth, in a plaid shirt, by her side. In a brief moment as someone walked between us, I saw his inimical glance. A warning. I smiled as my attention returned to her.

I wasn’t normally so unsociable, but tonight nothing interested me more than her mesmeric smile. I was aware that the people around me were talking, and I nodded politely, and occasionally feigned interest in their conversation, but in the end, I became numb to the dialog of those around me, to a point, mid anecdote, I stood up and walked away to stand closer and watch, she was intoxicating, and all I could do was stare.

Suddenly I sensed she was aware of my scrutiny and although this kind of infraction would normally, to me, feel very uncomfortable, tonight it didn’t, there was no intrusion on my part, I wasn’t leering, so my fascination felt perfectly natural.

The man by her side leaned over and whispered in her ear, as she slowly turned and smiled, her hair fell softly over her face and quickly she flicked it back.

Then she looked straight at me, and now I began to feel perhaps my gaze was unwelcomed, but her reassuring glance, the twinkle in her eyes dismissed all concern. Then she stood up and walked towards me, she took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

I can dance, well I have rhythm, but she could really dance, when she moved every one around her paused, in awe of her motion. The augment of her body, she had rhythm, and the music seemed to pulse in response to her movement.

Her dance slowly became more seductive, she moved in closer, the mood changed, she danced in slow motion, the throb of the music the deep rhythmic pulse of the bass, thundered through my body, each beat, joined us, like a shared heart beat, I was entranced, amative. She pulled me as close as two human beings could possibly be, outside of sex, the movement was hypnotic, erotic, she had me, I was her toy, her slave, and she knew it.

She stopped and looked directly into my eyes, then without saying a word, turned and walked back toward her table, the man she came in with, stood up and began gesticulating, it was obvious he was protesting, but without saying a word, she quick gathered her belongings, a small bag, a jacket, and ignoring his remonstration, she turned and walked towards me once again.

She raised a hand to take mine, and dutifully I followed her. The streets were black and shiny following an earlier rainfall, the cool of the streets and the warmth of the night air brought an eerie mist swirling around our feet as we walked. The dim white lights of the street lamps illuminated the night, the temperature remained high, yet there was a fresh feeling in the air, without saying a word, we instinctively decided on a direction to walk.

What about your friend, I enquired, she turned and put her finger on my lips. Shssh, I didn’t mention him again. We walked, the few blocks, toward my apartment.

As we ascended the few stone steps, to the front door, I turned to ask her in, before my words came out, she had pinned me against the intercom, the pain was excruciating, but I ignored it, the taste of her mouth overwhelmed my every sense. She began to climb me, every part of me was alive, my body yearned for hers, I longed to be inside her, and we fell to the floor as I opened the door. She straddled me, and pinned me down, and pulled open my shirt. I tried to stand up as she bit my neck, her legs were still wrapped around me as I stood up and carried her to the lift. She twisted my nipple, fuck, oww!.

I pulled open the scissor door of the lift, and again we fell inside. Within a minute we were in my apartment, our mouths locked together, closer than we had been all night, closer than I had been with another human being in … longer than I could remember. I kicked the apartment door shut, and I carried her along the hall.

We pulled at each others clothes, as we moved from seat to seat around the apartment, by the time we reached the bed I was wearing only my shirt, and she a bra, one strap hanging from her shoulder, and the most incredible razor thong. She sat up and unhooked her bra, letting it fall, as I pulled my shirt over my head.

I slid my fingers down the sides of her pants, and she changed her position to allow me to carefully roll down her underwear, my palms gently slid slowly down her frame, brushing her hips and thighs. I caught her scent as she lifted herself a little higher, I pulled her pants over one foot, then I let go as she pushed me back against the bed. The took me in her hand the warmth of her tight grip sent a shiver down my spine, gently I began to kiss her breasts, softly biting with my lips, she pulled me closer, and as I slid my hands around to the small of her back, down to her ass, then she whispered in my ear ... fuck me.

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