What Im looking for as a bi man  

Dan4you46 66M
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1/5/2006 4:57 pm

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5/24/2006 9:13 am

What Im looking for as a bi man

I have been bi for almost a year now. I have seen a few guys and did see one for a couple months once a week or so. I also went to adult stores and into the booths. Ive come to know a bit more about me and what Im looking for in sex with other men. I am bi not gay...I enjoy my life as a man who loves women. What Ive learned is that I can also enjoy men and that is a plus.
As to who I am as a man with men is simple...Ive found that being a bottom is very enjoyable. Im not in the regular world but its so nice in this one. Im not into ltr but it could become a friendship with the right guy and something that could lead to seeing each other as often as we could. I still consider myself a learner and havent found my limits yet. I dont know how far I can go in terms of kinky or anything else but Id like to try and learn.
I like to be with someone who has me over to his place or where ever. We can watch porn or talk...getting naked right away is hot to me. Walking around nude and looking at each other. I do have a fem side that wants the man to touch me...play with me. If the man is somewhat dom that is ok. He controls and he makes the moves and tells me what he wants. No pain but lets try and see how far we can go. I enjoy sucking and very much enjoy having him take me. One guy even had his girlfriend watch us which was great...another got us on xmatch webcam so others could watch...again..very hot.
There..that is in part my thoughts on who I am in regards to sex with another man and where I will go. Im willing to try things and also know how to let others control...but be able to put a stop to anything beyond my limits which I dont know where that is yet. The main thing is communication. Let me know what you want and lets see where it takes us.

curious19571975 60M

1/5/2006 6:47 pm

Hmmm! Where do you live?

croppedgrip 53M

1/8/2006 6:36 am

Hi there...

Have you ever considered going to a bath house rather than just adult book stores etc.

I realise that the way men meet men in the US is different to the UK but you may find that a bath house with it's open areas for group action and private "relaxation rooms" for one on one, might be fun!

Just a thought...

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