How big ARE you?  

DamagedDichotomy 47F
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4/18/2005 9:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How big ARE you?

Isn't it such a fascinating dichotomy that when asked such a question, most people lie. For example, when the question is offered to a woman, she will lie and say she's smaller than she is, in most cases. I have a tiny, beautiful friend who at 5'5 and 110 pounds thinks she's too fat and almost always tells a lie and makes her weight under 100. I, as a big girl, have learned that even a 10 pound lie can make a man stop and finally listen to you. Ten pounds....

On the flip side of the coin, when such a question is offered to a man, he will most certainly lie and say he (ie:his member) is bigger than it is. Yes, I most cases. Jim is a friend I have been sucking off for over 5 years now, and he has a perfect member. After 5 long years, he still feels inadequate, and I would be willing to bet, lies to prospective future partners.

Fascinating dichotomy. No wonder we men and women can't seem to ever make a real connection. Are you a big enough person to tell the truth? How big ARE you?

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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4/18/2005 11:19 pm

Ha! I'll never tell!! lol... In fact, I am 29 for-ever too!! lol....

I do tell to the chosen few... but, I am self-conscious about that aspect. I don't feel that my imperfections should cloud who I really am.

DamagedDichotomy 47F

4/19/2005 8:40 pm

Go txrose....I'm with you on being 29 forever!

Mz...I feel famous having you comment on my posts, sheesh!
I've read a lot of your blog and you mention the "trip" aspect a lot. How do you deal with the men that show up and haven't been so forthcoming?

Thx to you both for commenting, I feel official now!

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