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4/17/2005 7:55 pm

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Dear John

I shall be writing about my past lust interests in order to purge my somewhat tortured soul of these "hanger on-ers". So that you the treasured reader (yes, I know there's only one of you) will understand my rage against these machines, here are my top no particular order.

Dear Brian,
You wrapped me around your big fat meathook for 6 long years, and you are the one that needs to go first. Your dick was near perfect with that fat mushroom head, but I wasn't lying when I said you didn't make me cum. That's what happens when YOU DON'T TOUCH MY CLIT. Good luck to you and yours.

Dear Mitch,
What happened to you? Tiny and powerful, you had a hell of a good headstart and because it was SO GOOD, you felt the need to bail? See ya sugar...

Dear Paul,
No one could abuse me like you could. It was good and we both knew it. So good it was scary, you chose the safe path. If you only knew that I am now a squirty girl...maybe you'd come back around.

Dear Jim,
You really do have a perfect dick and I appreciated your contributing it to the "I need some human contact" fund for over 5 years. I'm sorry I had to bail, but I will forever fondly remember you.

Dear Mr. Random "I'd Like To Fuck A Fat Chick",
Yes, I am the bomb, and I welcome you to the dark side of just how good a big girl with no inhibitions can be. My people welcome good to my girls.

So there you have it...the beginnings of a mad ramble.....

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