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Biology Lesson For The Day

Life Cycle of the “Queen B”

Somewhere in the world, a woman has a baby girl. The new mother only wants what’s best for her daughter and treats her like a little princess. She dresses baby in the frilliest dresses and enters her in every beauty pageant in town. Mother only wants her baby girl to have the things she, herself never enjoyed.

As the young girl grows up, Mom teaches her ego to grow as well by preaching over and over---“Expect nothing but the best from a man. You are worth it! If a man cannot afford to buy you the best of everything, you don’t need him. Find a rich man and take what you can while you can! You need money to make it in life. If he REALLY loves you, he’ll spend it all on you!!”

As the girl grows, so does her ego and she becomes obsessed with her looks. Vanity is second nature to her and she falls into society’s standards of beauty. Believing she is better than any other woman, she scoffs at ordinary women and their “plain” looks. Now in high school and college, she only dates guys with the best and newest clothes and cars and whose families are well to do. Our teen “Queen B” judges men by their possessions. It is at this time that the ordinary guy realizes he cannot get a date and he wonders why.

Now our “Queen B” has her man and it is now that she moves in for the kill. Knowing the guy cannot say “no”; Queen B gets pregnant on purpose. This permanently implants her claws into the life and wallet of the man forever! “Queen B” is set for life, because all of the Family Court Judges will rule in her favor saying she is a “female” and a “mother”. The man will have to pay Child Support and alimony so Queen B can continue her queenly lifestyle until the next male victim arrives. The child support is rarely spent on the child…no….it is spent on her new man, in one way or the other.

And behold…Queen B gives birth to a baby girl………..

(excerpt from the book "Serial Killers of Society)

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