What an awesome dream!!!  

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8/17/2006 6:56 am

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What an awesome dream!!!

Good morning all. Well, I don't mean that really... I am on vacation, which means I like to stay up late at night and sleep in in the morning. So what the @%$*^ was my son doing up at 530 this am and making enough noise to make sure I woke up too???!!! ARGGHHHHHHHHH!!! This from the kid who, much like his mother, is definitely no morning person (except for sex - I am always up for that in the am). Not only that, but he wakes me up from my wonderful dream!!! Just when it was getting to the good part...

So the dream goes something like this. Me going away with this big hunk of a guy on his vacation to some hotel. And he is a big hunk!!! Very tall and dark with huge broad shoulders - yummy!!! But the rugrat is with me! But the hotel has a day program for kids!!! Yes, this is a dream!!! So, drop rugrat off at the program and next thing ya know I am lying in bed with this wonderful hunk of a man lying on top of me and it feels GOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!

Hey ladies, you know that feeling you get once in awhile where you just want to feel the weight of a man's body on top of your own?? Well this was it in spades!!! So we were just lying there enjoying the feeling when he finally says to me "Are you ready?" and I say "Sure" so then he pulls himself up so his cock is in front of my face. He is hard, of crse, and his cock is nice. Not huge, about average length, but nice and thick. I lean forward a bit and take him in my mouth and make him nice and wet. He moves back down my body and effortlessly slides his cock right into my pussy. And OH! it was a perfect fit (yes, this must be a dream!!!). And felt incredibly nice.

A brief aside here for the boys... All cocks feel different. Some feel better than others, but every once in awhile you get one that feels like it was just moulded to your body. And you will be happy to know that it isn't about size. I don't what it is, but these cocks just feel like they belong in your pussy. I have had 2 men like this and unfortunatley one was my ex-hubby's and the other was a relationship gone wrong (another liar). But oh boy!! I could never get enough of his cock!! I loved the way it felt inside me and I could just fuck him all day. Damn shame he had to turn out the way he did!!!

Well back to the dream, but unfortunatley that was where it ended - this wonderful big hunk of a man with his perfect penis lodged inside me - because that's when my obnoxious rugrat woke me up!!! ARGGGGGHHHHH!!! Sort of a good way to start the day, but could have been better if I had got to finish the GD dream!!!

However, one upside, I have had dreams like this before that were sort of precognitive. So now I am wondering if this one will be too and who this wonderful hunk of a man is going to be!!!

Note - this was a dream I was describing - not an actual event (dammit it all anyway!!!). PLease do not get confused. I only say this because it has happened to me. My ex-hubby read a journal of mine during a tumultuous stage in our separation and totally misinterpreted what I had wrote. I had desribed a dream I had had about a man I had a crush on and he thought I was describing an actual event!!! Needless to say he freaked and thought that I had cheated on him - not a nice scene - believe me. Sooooo, even though I have no one to cheat on, I just wanted to make it clear - this was only a dream!!!

Have a great day!!!

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