Time marches on.... And don't you wish there was a switch for that???  

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8/14/2006 8:03 pm

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Time marches on.... And don't you wish there was a switch for that???

I found this really cool quote awhile ago and it is so meaningful now. I would post it except it is upstairs and I am too lazy/comfy to get up and go get it. LOL!!! I'll get it up for tomorrow. Hmmmm, sounds like some guys I have been with....

So I think I finally closed the door on a part of my life today. A very hard thing for me to do as us Aquarians often remain friends with our former lovers. This time though, I just don't think it is a good idea. Too much pain, too much suffering. Still, it felt like I was cutting off a part of myself and throwing it away. And even though I do not miss the man, I do miss what I thought I had. If that makes any sense!!!

I did feel love and I did love and we do not have switches for our emotions. Damn wouldn't that be good?? I could just flick a switch and say "Love all gone" with no residual effects. I could flick another switch and say "I do not want this man" and POOF!! All emotions GONE!!! Is that why we drown ourselves in sex?? To erase our feelngs?? We try and pretend we have fuck buddies and friends with benefits and no emotional entanglements. It works for awhile, I guess. But don't most of us want more eventually?? Isn't that why we are here?? Seeking out the most intimate of acts?? We want to feel a connection to something, somehow.

Now as far as those switches go, I really need one badly before I travel down the same GD road I have been traveling for years. I keep telling myself - don't go there girl!!! And I have been marginally successful, but BOY my emotions have been in turmoil and for absolutely no reason. It's crazy!!! I was fine last couple of weeks - even though I had thoughts at the back of my mind - I was a good girl and did not pursue them (hurray for me!!!). Now its sorta come out of the bag, but I am still fighting it. I have to wait and have patience (what the hell is that??) and let things go. If it is meant to happen it will happen. If this man is interested in me, he will come and see me when he is ready.

ARGHHHHH!!! Patience!!!

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