What are they thinking?  

DallasPhallus56 60M
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9/27/2005 7:21 pm

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What are they thinking?

I was talking with a woman friend the other day, and she was telling me about a couple of the lovers she has had. I'm amazed, but I would guess some of you women have similar stories.

She was in bed with one of them and, during foreplay, asked him to rub her clit. He got annoyed and said she's probably a lesbian. My guess is that he didn't know what a clit was. He also never got invited back.

Another time, she asked her lover to pleasure her for the second time in an evening. She said he seemed to be up for it, but when she asked he accused her of being too demanding.

Overall, her impression of men is that they just aren't that into sex. They're into the conquest, but not the act itself. I know where I stand (pun intended) on this, but what about you other men? And women, what are your stories?

hourglasses 47F

9/28/2005 4:51 am

I've had those experiences as well. The other night my lover didn't understand why I'm amazed that he's 42 and was able to go 4 times in one night (and he wanted more). I told him I dated a guy who was only 38 (when I was 30) who wouldn't even try for a second time. And if I started touching him he'd say he was too old for more. I think also it may have something to do with how much the person is 'into' you. Sometimes you just can't get enough of the person you're with. Sometimes once is enough.

badgerbite 57M

9/29/2005 2:04 pm

it seems like it's never a good idea to lump all men or all women or all anyone into a catagory. There seems to be an exception to the rule just around the corner.
Myself, if it's an all night get together....enjoy it....maybe break for a drink or some food, even a nap.....we can always get going again. Of course there's an exception just around the corner....eventually friction &/or lack of lube can get ya' a little sore.....& I have yet to learn when to stop so I don't get to that point.

DallasPhallus56 60M

10/1/2005 2:46 pm

Wetpanty, I couldn't agree more. On an even more mundane level, I once asked my (now-ex) wife for her opinion on a work-related issue in which she was quite expert. Instead of offering anything useful, all she could do was criticize what I had tried. I pointed out to her that I would like a different method if she could come up with one, but she kept up the criticism until I walked away. Few things will shut down communication faster.

BTW, I see you're in Dallas too.

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