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Beth has a boyfriend, but that doesn't stop her from getting a little adventure. He's a wonderful guy, she says, except in the bedroom, where he has little interest. So she goes out for a little adventure sometimes, and that lands her here occasionally. We met through AdultFriendFinder and had lunch. Afterward we went out to my car and sat in the restaurant parking lot and talked, and as we did she unzipped my Dockers and took out my cock. She stroked it and sucked it a little, then asked me when I'd be available again.

A couple of days later she showed up here and barely was in the door before she was tugging at my zipper. We almost didn't make it to the bedroom, kissing and touching and removing clothes on the way. She leaned over the bed and spread her legs and I rubbed against her, then entered her, holding her breasts once I was firmly inside.

As I pumped Beth's wet pussy I whispered to her what her pose suggested to me, and she asked if I wanted to do that. I was referring to anal, of course, and of course I wanted that. I keep some KY on the nightstand, so I pulled out and fingered her tight butt with it, then eased my cock in. That and my fingers on her clit drove her wild. I managed to hold off for about 15 minutes before spilling my load in her hot ass.

So it looks like Beth will be coming tomorrow....

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