Playtime again...  

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1/30/2006 9:30 am

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Playtime again...

I don't see much of Beth because of her circumstances, but she called last night. She was alone, and after a little discussion, I made the 45-minute drive to her place.

She had left the door unlocked, so I quietly slipped in and locked it behind me, then found my way to her bedroom. She was stretched out on her back, her thighs open, moving a vibrator around on her clit. I watched for a full minute as she pleasured herself. Her eyes were closed, but she knew I was there; she had heard the door.

I stroked my bulge through my jeans as I watched, completely turned on by her. She opened her eyes and turned off the toy, putting it aside, and held out her arms. "What are you waiting for, big boy?" I went to the edge of the bed and she unzipped me, then took my cock out and sucked it without even taking my pants down. I stroked her breasts and pussy, then started taking off my shirt.

I was going to join her on the bed, but she slipped off and stood on the floor, leaning over it, telling me to take her from behind. I slipped my jeans down but not off, then got behind her and rubbed my hardness between her cheeks. I got a couple of drops of pre-cum out and rubbed them against her tight little nether hole, but mostly just teased her, reaching around to play with her breasts. She leaned back and said, "Aren't you going to fuck me? Aren't you going to put your cock in my nice wet pussy?" And she moved to position herself on the tip. I pushed in, steadily, filling her up and giving her what she wanted.

After about five minutes, she came, hard, moaning and yelling, and it was all I could do to hold back. Her pussy was milking my length, throbbing, and I couldn't stop pumping her. When she recovered enough to talk coherently, she said, "You know what I want now?" "Yes," I replied, but I want to hear you say it." "You always make me ask for it, don't you?" "Of course. It's fun to hear you talk dirty." She sighed, "Fuck my ass with that long prick of yours."

I pulled out and got a condom from my pants pocket, taking the opportunity to remove them from around my ankles, and put it on. I then got the KY from her nightstand and applied it where it was needed. She wriggled against my finger and opened for me, and I played with her for a few minutes until I was sure she was ready. Then, standing behind her, I put the tip against her hole and let her ease me in. That took a while, but that entry is so delicious. Finally, I could feel my balls on her pussylips, and just stayed inside, not moving, as she got acclimated to the visitor. I kissed her neck and played with her nipples, and told her how good it feels.

When she started to move, I began thrusting in and out, not too hard or fast. I had left the vibrator in reach, and got that. Reaching under her, I put the tip against her clit, then started to ease it in, all the while pumping her ass. She came as soon as it was about halfway in, and I almost slipped out. I could feel the vibrations on my length, and I was getting hotter by the second. I couldn't hold back, and I thrust in hard and came, pulse after throbbing pulse. I collaped on top of her, breathing hard, kissing her neck between gasps, and held her close. The vibrator fell to the floor.

I removed the condom and we got into bed and held each other until we were ready to go again. It was a most pleasant night.

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1/30/2006 11:38 am

Nice story! I couldnt help but notice the title! LOL...

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