One night stand  

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5/4/2005 6:27 am

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One night stand

I was at an event last night and ended up seated next to a woman I had seen a couple of times before but never really talked with. I didn't think we had much in common, and although she's attractive in a heavy, matronly kind of way, she's not my type. She's also married, and as much as I like to play, I try to avoid that. I don't need to be staring down the barrel of a husband's 12-gauge any time soon.

I also noticed that she was partaking fairly freely of the wine, and the more she drank, the more attention she paid to me. I tried not to tell her much about me, since I didn't want to get anything started, but she kept asking me questions, getting more and more personal, or making statements like, "I bet a guy like you has a lot of girlfriends," or "Do you find older women attractive?" By 10PM she was hanging on me, telling me that her husband was away on business and that she was too drunk to drive home. Would I please take her?

I had a guess as to what to expect, but I took her anyway. After all, I do like to play. She invited me into her huge house, talking about how she hated to be alone so much. "I'm so embarrassed to be in this state (meaning drunk). How can I thank you for bringing me home?" I said, "How about a blow job?" in the most flip, I-don't-expect-you'll-do-this way, and she looked at me in shock, at first. Then she smiled and said, "How about more than just a blow job?" With that she took my hand and stumbled off across the living room to the bedroom with me in tow.

She tried to fumble at my clothes, so I undressed her, then undressed myself. She made the usual comments about how trim and athletic I look. "You must exercise a lot to keep your body in that kind of shape. Do you run?" I get that a lot, and I have a standard answer that was more appropriate in this situation: "Only if someone's husband is after me." She laughed and climbed into bed. "Are you sure you want a fat old lady like me? You should have gone home with the brunette who was eyeing you all evening." Truth to tell, I hadn't been able to escape her long enough to talk to the brunette. Oh well.

I got into bed with her and kissed her sagging breasts, fingering her pussy. She went straight for my hard cock like a woman who hadn't seen one in years. "Do you have any idea how long it's been since I had a decent fuck? It's been months. My husband just isn't interested." I teased her to orgasm with my fingers, sucking her nipple, and she played with my cock, coaxing pre-cum from the tip. Then I got up from the bed and she said, almost angrily, "You're not going to fuck me?" "Relax," I said, "I'm just getting a condom." "You don't need that. I've never done this before." I smiled and said, "Ah, but you don't know where I've been."

She was soaking wet when I entered her, although I couldn't feel as much of that with the condom on. I gave her a good 40 minutes of hard fucking during which she came at least 3 times. Finally, I came in her, or rather, in the condom.
We kissed and talked and she asked me if I like some of the naughtier things about sex. "Like what?" I asked. "I haven't been buttfucked since college," she replied, "and I used to really like that sometimes." I was already starting to get hard again, but that did it. I love anal, although I get it occasionally from both Alice and Beth. "Sounds like an invitation to me. You have any KY?"

She got the lubricant, then got on all fours. I got another condom, then got behind her and fingered her ass, getting her all slippery. She was purring, telling me how naughty she felt. I went into her pussy from behind first and gave it to her hard for a few minutes, then pulled out and slapped her ass. "You're such a naughty girl, fucking strange men." She laughed and thrust her ass back at me expectantly and said, "Be gentle. It's been a long time."

I was gentle, and it took a while to get the tip in. At least she was relaxed from all the wine. I couldn't go as fast there, or as hard, and having climaxed once, it took me a while to get hot enough to cum, but I did, and so did she. That surprised me. Not many women can cum from anal. When I pulled out and held her she told me, "I wish you didn't have to use that condom. I wanted to feel your cum in my cunt and my ass." Me too, but as much as I take risks, it seemed reasonable.

She drifted off to sleep, and I extricated myself from her, got dressed, and slipped quietly out of her house. That was at about 1 o'clock this morning.

So, dear readers: Do any of you women cum from just anal sex? Have you ever done what she did, invite a very casual acquaintance to fuck your ass? Men, would you have done it, or been more careful?

dykebuster 65M

5/25/2005 7:36 am

hell yeah, I'll buttfuck any woman that want to. Try getting a buddy to fuck her pussy at the same time. heaven!!!!!

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