More fun with Elaine...  

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7/27/2005 7:12 am

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4/1/2006 4:05 pm

More fun with Elaine...

I went to Elaine's place again last night. She is so hesitant to be direct about sex right away, even though she really wants it. So we talked about other common interests for a while, which is good too. She is amazingly intelligent and well-read.

We take a long time with foreplay, with lots of kissing before the first article of clothing comes off. Then the shirts and her bra come off, and we feel skin on skin, still only kissing and touching above the waist. Finally, we move to the bedroom and undress completely. She is so pretty, and I like looking at her body stretched out on the bed so invitingly. Now we touch everywhere, and after a while I move up so she can suck my cock. She does it eagerly, a little roughly, like a woman who hasn't seen one in years.

Finally, I move to get on top of her. She's soaking slippery wet, but tight enough that it takes a while to ease my length into her. She whispers to me, "Yeah, fuck my tight little cunt, baby." She moves with me, opening up, and after a few minutes she cums for the first time of many.

We change positions a few times. She loves to ride, so I let her get on top for a while. She's strong, but not strong enough to force me over on my back. On top, her knees at my sides, she fucks until she cums again. She lets me come in from behind after that, but it's not something she likes very much. I play with her little nether hole and whisper something about entering there, something she likes as a variation occasionally. But not tonight. Finally, I get on top and pump her hard and fast and cum deep inside. I stay in for maybe another 10 minutes, then lie back, still not completely soft. We hold each other and kiss and talk, her leg over mine so I can feel her wet pussy up against my thigh.

Something I've heard from her and my other recent lovers is, "You're so big." I never thought I was, but I won't name the number here. Women, do you say that to men to make them feel good, or when a guy is about average or less, do you simply say nothing? I know most of you women care more about how a man makes you feel than his endowment, too, or is that true?

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