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6/18/2005 6:41 am

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If you've been reading this blog along, you have followed my approach-avoidance conflict with Carol. We had gotten back on good terms, and one evening she e-mailed to invite me over. I wrote back that I had to attend a dinner, and she said to come over afterward, no matter what the hour.

I got there at 11 still feeling the effects of a couple of glasses of Champagne and having gotten up at 5 that morning, and she greeted me with a glass of red wine and a kiss. We sat on her sofa and talked, and after a while she snuggled up to me. We talked a little about sex, about romance, and so on, and I was again fairly clear about what I want and don't want. She was less clear, since what made me turn away in the first place was that she was after a more or less permanent relationship.

She offered me a back rub and I accepted. She took off my shirt, then hers, and used her soft hands on me. The then took off her pants to reveal a little lacy thong, and started to unbutton mine. I stopped her, reminding her that she had not wanted to go this far.

Somewhere around 1 A.M. I was nearly falling asleep and decided to go home. She walked me to the door and I gave her a deep, wet kiss. I then knelt down, pushed the thong aside, and gave her another deep, wet kiss. Very wet. When I came up she said, "Look, if tomorrow you want to forget this ever happened, that's okay. But come with me."

I followed her to the bedroom and undressed. We got into her bed and I made sure she was nice and ready, then got on top and entered her. I was amazed at how tight she was, but it had been well over a year since she had had sex, and she is petite. She also revealed a slightly kinky side to me: she asked me to cum all over her breasts. I told her I prefer to cum inside, and she let me do that if I promised to do as she asked next time. I reminded her that there might not be a next time. After about 40 minutes and eliciting a series of orgasms from her, I came. As we lay there recovering, she told me she was a little sore.

We had another goodnight kiss, and I finally got home at 3:30 A.M. We're meeting again tomorrow; she wants to see something I've been working on. I'm not sure what will happen, but we seem to be back on good terms.

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6/18/2005 12:01 pm

wow! Sounds like the night ended pretty great!! I hope things continue to go smoothly!

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