Beth again  

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5/10/2005 6:28 am

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Beth again

I never know when I'm going to hear from Beth, but she called yesterday afternoon and said she would have an hour or so free by 4 o'clock. I was busy but told her I could make time for her.

She was a little early, which gave us more time. We kissed at the door, but then she slid down me and unzipped my jeans and started sucking my cock, making sure I'm nice and hard. I stepped out of my jeans and led her to the bedroom.

She was lusciously wet, and I asked her what she had been thinking about. She told me she had been touching her pussy as she drove here, thinking about getting my hard dick into her. She got on the bed and I got over her to do 69, licking her pussylips and sucking her clit. My cock doesn't bend back very much, but she did her best to suck it and play with my balls and ass. It didn't take much to make her cum.

I turned around and got on top of her, teasing her wet lips with the tip of my cock, rubbing the head against her clit, pushing in a bit and letting her tighten on the head, just playing with her. She kept trying to thrust her hips up to get more of it in her and I kept pulling back, making her wait. Finally, I left the tip in and held still and she moved to get the whole length inside. She started moaning and telling me, "Fuck me hard. Fuck my hot pussy." She came again, hard, and I felt her squeezing my hard cock inside her. I slowed down so I wouldn't cum right away, pumping enough to make sure it was pleasurable for her. When she recovered, I continued fucking her deep and hard again. It was easy to make her cum again, and again. Finally, the fourth time, I could feel the pleasure rising behind my balls again, and she reached behind me and fingered my ass as I pumped her pussy. I exploded in her, flooding her dripping pussy with cum.

I stayed inside, semi-hard, and occasionally moved in her as we talked. After a while I asked, "Do you have time for another one?" She looked at the bedside clock and said, "Can you do it fast? I have 30 minutes." It was after 5 by then. I didn't answer; I just started fucking her deep, fast, and hard. She put her legs on my shoulders (Beth is very supple) and moaned with pleasure at each stroke. She came, and after just a few minutes I pumped another load deep into her.

We rolled over so she was on top and she rode me for a little while. I tend to stay fairly hard and she got off once more. Then she got off me, sucked my slippery cock deep for just a minute, and went to the bathroom to shower.

Beth is such fun. Too bad she doesn't get enough at home; it's not fair for a woman that sexy to have to do without.

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