Another hot day with Alice  

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5/16/2005 11:29 am

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Another hot day with Alice

Alice called yesterday in the heat of the day and asked if she could come over. I was sitting out by the pool reading, and said that of course she could. She got here an hour later and let herself in through the unlocked front door. Since it's my pool and the yard is totally secluded, I never wear clothing. When she came out the back door onto the pool deck she had shed her clothing and left it in the living room.

We kissed, then slipped into the water. It's still a little cool but felt good after the heat of the sun. We kissed and groped each other there in the shallow end of the pool, getting more and more aroused. I had her spread her legs and stand a little higher than me in water about 4 feet deep, then started probing her with my cock. Sex in water is not easy; the water washes away the lubrication. However, I got in and was able to move fairly easily. (I've done this before, just not with her.) We stood there fucking for maybe 15 minutes, and she came twice. That helped with the lubrication.

We got out of the pool and she got on her back on one of the lounge chairs. I got on top of her and shielded her from hot sun. I'm a real gentleman, aren't I? We fucked hot and hard that way, and as is her pattern she came over and over again. I came in her, deep and hard.

By then we were drenched with sweat, so I went and got us a couple of glasses of lemonade. We went back in the water, and after a while we were touching and playing again. I got nice and hard, and she leaned against the edge of the pool while I took her from behind. Only our legs were in the water and it felt good to feel it occasionally splash against my balls as I pumped her pussy.

Have you ever had sex in the water? Anything you did to solve the lubrication problem? Men, if any of you are reading this, do you find it difficult to cum when you're in the water? I sometimes do.

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