Alice was just here...  

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4/27/2005 9:04 pm

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Alice was just here...

I didn't meet Alice through AdultFriendFinder. I was browsing the computer section of Border's when I noticed her looking at some of the same stuff I was looking at. I smiled at her and she made some remark about one of the books. After a while I asked if she would join me for a cup of coffee. That was four months ago.

Alice loves sex. She isn't particularly pretty and she's overweight, but she has an attitude that tells you she's desirable. She'll never lack for men. That, and she's wild in bed. We didn't have sex that first time, nor the next time when we met for dinner. But we talked about it both times, and it was clear that if I played my cards right it would happen.

Tonight she was able to get away for only a couple of hours, but they were great fun. She insisted on sucking me off the first time, after she had gotten off a few times from riding me. The second time was relatively ordinary plain old sex. She loves to talk while we have sex, telling me how good it feels, or how to move, or how much she enjoys my body.

I'm not sure when she'll be back; both of us run a fairly busy schedule.

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