Strange but True  

DallasDelight76 40F
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12/20/2005 4:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Strange but True

OK, this might sound a little weird, but here goes.

First of all, thanks to all who wrote on my fathers passing. I am slowly returning to normal, if there is such a thing.

OK, here goes. Has anyone ever met someone that was just so normal and regular, but you had GREAT sex with the person, and then things developed beyond sex? I'm not talking LOVE here, at least not THAT kind of love. But a deep friendship type of love? Such a deep friendship where you begin to wonder if having sex might harm that friendship?

I could sure use some input on this. I dont know if I explained it very well. I dont know if my fathers death and all the stress of the holidays is just catching up with me or if there is something to this.

Any thoughts, please post away!


Timothy9972 44M  
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12/20/2005 7:58 pm

I met someone once and slept with them the first time we went out and was in a relationship with them for over 5 years. Does this happen all the time? No but it does happen. No your situation is differant because of the passing of your father. I would give it time. Time is the true test.

Plano69 54M

12/20/2005 11:13 pm

I agree with Tim... It's too soon to tell...
Perhaps your feelings about your "Father" are making "thinking" about sex right now difficult... (It would for me...)...
You're vulnerable... remind yourself not to make any quick decisions just yet...

upforanything043 54M

12/21/2005 7:30 am

I think I've had the opposite experience. I was so in love with this girl about ten years ago. When we kissed (and we kissed a lot) it was like we blended into one. We would go on for weeks at this. We had real feelings for each other so, quite unusually, we were in no hurry to get in bed. When we finally did, I had no idea what to do. I was so thrown by the intensity of the emotions we both had that the sex was really awkward. Never did get it right really.

Swiper12000 43M  
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12/21/2005 4:39 pm

You pose an interesting question. I don't know that having sex per se will harm the friendship. You both would need to be honest and up front about what the sexual relationship between the two of you means. When you say "just so normal and regular" do you mean that this person is not someone you would consider for anything beyond the friendship type of love. If that is the case then that would need to be discussed upfront. There is still a risk one of you could still hold deeper feelings though. This would be most obvious when one of you does find a another romantic interest. Then there is the issue that if the sex is really good it will be hard to stop. So if you are trying to be true to someone else it may be hard to be around this person alone. Which could strain the friendship somewhat. I am not sure there is an exact answer to this problem. I think only time and the particular parties involved will determine the outcome.

TanMeBrown442 61M

12/27/2005 1:15 pm

most of my long term female friends were recreational lovers at first, but the friendship lasted longer than most of the recreational sex interest....and that was well worth while also.
nice to be friends after your through with the hot passionate sex.

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