The Sexual Deviant Mistress  

DakotaAnne21 32F
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4/1/2006 10:19 pm
The Sexual Deviant Mistress

I guess you can say i read wayto muchlately. But for some fucked up reason im in this dominating "dont fuck w/ me suck my tits bitch" mood. I mean i ravished my bf w/ the best oral sex of his life just cause i had the craving for it (plus he looked yummy w/out a shirt). I slurped every drop and was i enjoying every mintue of hearing him wimper and groan. I was the "queen" as he mummbled after his orgasim. God it was a rush. Now i'm talking to patrick and he's being soo annoying. He's all "rolling on floor in goddam fucking pain cuz i tore your ass up with my big wide cock". I just laughed. Who says i'll even let you touch me? Sunday we work together and he wants to "meet up" after work. I agreed for the sake of getting him off my ass. He's a lil fuckin sex freak. It's great but it constant and sometimes annoying! I LOVE sex but even a sex-addict needs some other fullfuillment. Thank god Kevin sleeps over sunday too. So i'll be getting it twice. One to shut patrick up (i'll get some good agressive sex) and then make love to kevin (the sensual fall-asleep-in-each-others-arms sex). Yeah for me! Get a girl in that night and i could die happy...and a lil exhausted.

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