The Sexual Deviant Beginning  

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3/28/2006 9:54 pm

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The Sexual Deviant Beginning

I guess you can say i'm not one to deny myself of anything. Anything sexual that is. I'm the type that has mental sex w/ anyone who walks past. I'm the first in the group of guys to find the hot chick or scream "TITTTIES". But that aint the half of it.
I have a loving bf of 2 1/2 yrs Kevin. He's my 'happily ever after'. To bad he went from sexual beast long-haired rockstar to a non-sexual lame real estate ageint. What's a girl to do?
My assistant manager Patrick: He's 33 and a phenominal stallion in bed. He has a lame gf but we've been fucking for 6 months now. Its a great thing to go to work early in the morning and having sex in the bathroom before the store opens. Its better than coffee (and i ALWAYS wear a skirt). He tells her he's "going to the gym" and i tell mine i'm "out w/ the girls". He's the main character in my blog.
Then there's the "others". John, who's kevin's friend. He's the hot guy-next-door teacher w/ a killer bad his penis is tiny. I've had sex w/ him only twice and i got the "most passionate sex" reward from him. He has a very prude gf too. I love teasing him and sexually taunting him. He's more a play thing then anything else. Kevin #2 was a horrible mistake. He was a hot marine..w/ mental issues like you wouldnt believe. After our 1st quick fuck he wanted to marry me. EWWW! No he sucked sooo bad at sex i just chose not remember it.
Well, those are the main ppl in my life. Right now i'm on a hunt for a girl. I've been craving chicks for like a month now. My bf thinks its wrong and wont let me bring one home to share. Patrick is a little too into it. I want one all to myself for now. Now all i got to do is keep hunting....

Efilnikufesin69 47M

3/29/2006 12:43 am

Good luck with your hunting and welcome to Blogland MzAnne!

Love and Kisses


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