What is Cheating, Morning Hardons, and Danica McKellar...  

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1/9/2006 10:34 pm

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What is Cheating, Morning Hardons, and Danica McKellar...

An interesting question was posed to me last evening. Is it cheating to let someone else hear you cum while masterbating, if you're involved with someone else? Keep in mind, this would just be over voice chat or phone. No contact whatsoever, no sex, no actual meeting of any sort would happen. Just audio. Just stroking off, just cumming. That's it. It does beg the question to be answered. Is it still cheating?

Interesting lines we draw, where we decide what is cheating and what is not. I've heard some people say "It's only cheating if you kiss em on the lips". I've experienced relationships where it's cheating if you even look at the opposite sex more than 2 seconds. Some say it's when you look at porn. I've heard some say that cheating begins where the cock enters the pussy, and others say that it's anything beyond Oral. Where does one draw the line? Is it really a line, or a series of justifications for our actions? It's an interesting conundrum for the human animal and moral mind to resolve. But how do we define what is okay, and what is going too far? What is cheating to you? And why do some have rules for themselves, that differ from rules for their significant others?

So, is it cheating if you are involved with someone else, and you let another person hear you masterbate and cum?

Morning hardons are not doing me any favors as of late. I wake up pretty early to voice chat with my girlfriend, and more often than not, I've been waking up with what could be defined as a raging hardon. I can't do anything with it, and it won't go away all that quickly (which makes the morning trip to the bathroom get delayed, making ole Dak less than pleased). What makes it even worse is the fact that being alone, there's no one here to enjoy the opportunity it presents. I have no time to take care of it on my own, as I have to get ready for my chat. Not much else to say about it other than that. Just a mild rant.

So what about, and who the hell is, Danica McKellar? Some will remember her from "The Wonder Years" as Winnie. She was cute in the early years of the show, but she grew up to be quite the hottie. She evaded the curse of 80's/90's Childhood Stars such as Tracy Gold and Dana Plato, and turned into one hell of a woman. I recently ran across photos of her in a recent magazine spread. (maybe not so recent, I don't care, she's HOT) All I could think about was this moderate crush I had on her back then. Rather sad, really, but she turned out better in life than my other crushes. And at least the pictures are nice to have. Thank God for the internet. Porn, Porn, email and Porn. (sing to the tune of Spam by Monty Python)

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