The Saga Continues...  

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10/16/2005 8:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Saga Continues...

Honestly, I don't want to talk about this anymore, but since it's probably the most exciting thing going on in my life (I'm sure it ranks slightly higher than the job I'm doing in my shower to replace the old grout before this weekend), it's going to be talked about at least one more time.

Tonight, I get a phone call. It's my ex-girlfriend. She was apologizing profusely for bringing him over yesterday. I still gave her the what-for about not calling me and arranging a neutral place to meet. I was caught completely off-guard and unprepared for any kind of confrontation. She felt horrible about doing that. But I made it clear to her that the situation was clearly worse now.

I also made clear to her what my ace cards were. I know several people not only on the local police department, but on the State and Sheriff's departments as well, so legally, if he tried to do anything, he would be in jail so fast, his head would swim.

She could tell I was NOT happy.

I then asked her if it was worth the suffering she's going through to get that money back. I didn't get to the next part I wanted to say, which was that she held the decision of how her future was going to go, in her hands. Because, Mr. Personality called checking up on her as we were on the phone. She was going to have me hold, but wound up hanging up on me.

No matter. I had my say, and that is that. What she decides to do is her choice at this point. I won't advise her any more. I have my daughter to think about, and no matter how much my ex depends on our friendship...she isn't more important than my daughter's safety.

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10/17/2005 5:07 pm

Dak -

Your ex should feel horrible about the tag-team surprise visit! She took her problems and literally brought them to your doorstep.

I've advised people in the past that asked for my opinions on things, but nine times out of ten they didn't listen.

It sounds like your ex is going to have to hit bottom before she gets rid of this guy. What a sad situation. She may as well kiss that money goodbye, too.

You've been a good friend to her, but your friendship as you knew it is over thanks to Mr. Personality.

Like you said, you have your daughter (not to mention yourself) to look after.

DakR1972 44M  

10/17/2005 10:27 pm

She messaged me this morning around 3am, unable to sleep. Apparently my words finally got to her. But whether she'll do something about it or not remains to be seen. I pretty much will stay out of her affairs from now on. Beyond that...I don't know. It's her move now, if she wants to put her life back in order. I'm exhausted for other reasons, and I don't need to worry about this too.

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