Oh My Freaking God... (Update about the ex-girlfriend's jealous boyfriend)  

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10/15/2005 2:00 pm

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Oh My Freaking God... (Update about the ex-girlfriend's jealous boyfriend)

Okay...so the situation went from bad to worse. Maybe.

If you've read the post about the Jealous Boyfriend of my Ex-Girlfriend, you'll want to know about this.

I got home from work this afternoon, and was preparing to get my kitchen sink faucet replaced or fixed when the door bell rang. I went downstairs and it was my ExGF and her boyfriend.


So, we talked for a bit. He asked me how could I say he might hit her when I don't know him one little bit. He kept on with his "if she didn't do stupid things, I wouldn't get mad" and "I broke up with her after she broke up with me to get back at her" excuses. He said the reason why he got into the fight was because of his brother (even though his brother brought it on himself). He said outright he doesn't trust her. But he certainly didn't like her talking to me about their problems.

Then came the threats...

If she ever cheats on him, he's coming to see me. If she ever breaks up with him because of my advice, he's coming to see me.


I silently listened, and it basically was the two of them talking, I barely got a word in edgewise. He eventually said he was giving her permission to keep talking with me. He didn't like it, but oh well. Amazing. He GIVES her permission...to talk to me. Unreal.

I basically did tell him how I saw it. I said it wasn't a good situation, and that she comes to me because she needs to talk to SOMEONE. I can tell that the things he does to her hurt her, and she doesn't deserve it. When he broke up with her a couple times, yes, she did come up to my house, but all she did was smoke, drink a beer or three, bitch her heart out and leave. That's it. I didn't mention something I wish I had, though.

My backup plan. But that's okay. I think it's good he doesn't know. It means the ace is up my sleeve for now. Plus, now I know what his car looks like.

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10/15/2005 7:19 pm


Your ex really stepped on it getting involved with the psycho.

He's obviously an abusive, immature loser. You know who he sounds like? The guy that was always looking to kick someone's ass after school.

If he doesn't trust her and she makes him mad, why doesn't he go torment someone else? It sounds like he just wants an emotional punching bag.

On the other hand, she's a grown woman and should know better.

If I were you, I'd be furious at her for bringing this guy to your home. She had no business doing it, let alone springing a surprise visit on you.

She has actually put you in the middle of a very bad situation. Why she told him that she was confiding in you baffles me.

What he had to say most definitely constitutes a threat. You may want to consult with someone in law enforcement, just in case.

(It's great that you got the description of his car! You never know when that may come in handy.)

DakR1972 44M  

10/15/2005 10:53 pm

I am furious, and I will let her know it, too. I honestly can't understand what she sees in him. He doesn't have normal logical sense about him. It's his world and his rules, we're just living in it, at least that's the way I see him acting. And I honestly think he did torment his ex-wife. He *claims* she abused him, but from his personality...I cannot see how that could happen. My bullshit-O-meter went off the scale when he mentioned that today.

When I chat with her again, I'm basically going to tell her "You seriously upset me when you brought him to my house. I would have felt much more comfortable meeting him at a restaurant or a public place, but now I feel as though this gives him something to hang over your head. 'Break up with me and I'll go beat the shit out of your ex-boyfriend. Maybe I might do something to his little girl, while I'm at it.' Great job, you just made your situation WORSE. If he does anything like call me, follow me or harass my daughter in anyway, I will call the authorities and charge him with stalking and harassment. I hold you responsible for where this is now. You need to wise up and take a long hard look at your relationship with him and decide if this is all really worth it. I know he owes you money, but jeesh, how much is your suffering worth!?"

In fact, I think I should just email it to her. I shouldn't speak with her again from this point on. It's just not worth the stress. Plus, it might drive home the point of what this jerk is doing to her life.

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