Not That I'm Complaining, But...  

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10/5/2005 10:48 am

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Not That I'm Complaining, But...

Okay, so my first post probably seemed like a major 'Whine Fest'...(the same way that the ocean 'seemed' to be filled with water)...and I know this isn't exactly endearing, but what can I say? Facts are facts. I'm not getting any lately. And I don't expect to anytime soon.

You see, I'm learning that 70% of postings on AdultFriendFinder are simply fake. These people don't exist. How can I tell? Well, there seems to be more than a few people using some kind of Bio Writer to create random, cut & paste Bios. Some are so lame, it's unreal! They are self contradictory, so that's one dead giveaway.

The second giveaway are the photos. I'd say about 2/3 of the fakers use pictures from professional nude/porn photography. I've seen postings with Yulia Nova pictures (large breasted Russian nude Idol, very popular in Japan), Nextdoor Nikki, and several others. Right off the bat you know *these* postings are about as real as Anna Nichol's tits. And people, if you are for real, and are using someone else's image, what is the point? If you actually intend to meet with someone, why put up a fake picture? Why put up a picture to begin with? If you don't want someone to know what you look like, why the deception? Be honest, don't put up a picture at all if you're that afraid. If you put up a fake pic, and then meet someone, they're expecting who they saw in the pic (or at least the body parts to look the same). When things don't match up, people will not only be shocked, but they'll be more than a little pissed.

(As for how I have this knowledge about pro-nude/porn photos, don't ask. I surf way too much porn as it is, and I'm not exactly proud of that fact.)

The third thing that's almost always a dead giveaway is the "I'll tell you later"s going all the way down the list. No science involved...just something I've noticed. Oh, and the listings where the woman just wants a Fuck Buddy. Folks, I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. (actually it was in the morning, mom wrote that fact prominantly on my baby picture. I think she was upset I didn't let her sleep in, and I also broke her ribs when I was still inside. Darn Kung Fu Kick!) I know that the vast majority of women out there, who are single or recently separated/divorced are not looking for "just a fuck buddy". Realistically speaking, most women want a friend, or a relationship, Sex being reserved for the "relationship" category. So to see so many listings with women wanting the "fuck buddy", it just doesn't seem realistic to me. I will grant you there are a few out there, but not as many as this site seems to demonstrate.

However, through all the chaff there are some good listings. I have met some interesting people, and will continue to meet more as time goes by. I just wish there was a way to reduce so much of the "commercial" listings and just find the "real" listings. It would save so much time, hassle and headache. Don't you think so, too?

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