Ever have one of those days? Mental Tangents Ahead....  

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12/21/2005 11:47 am

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Ever have one of those days? Mental Tangents Ahead....

No energy today. No desire to do anything at all. I got up this morning, but an hour late for my voice chat with my girlfriend. Just as I emailed her that I was on, I got an email from her saying she was tired and going to bed. Talk about timing. But then after that, I just laid on the couch, no energy to move and get ready. After I took my daughter to school, I just sat there, brooding about nothing. I made a pot of coffee (I have one of those little 4 cup coffee makers, damn cool things they are) and had 1/2 a cup. Yup...not even enough energy to drink a full cup of coffee. I didn't want to go to work at all. I just had no desire to listen to people calling in about their computer woes today. I'd rather put on an endless loop that says "It's your phone lines. Retype your Username and Password. Uncheck 'Hang up after sending & receiving', no, I don't know any good porn sites, I can't just give you the password, No, that message didn't come fromt he FBI. You have Spyware."


I barely have enough drive to write this.

Is this what they so brilliantly call a "funk"? As in "in a", not "feeling tha"...

And who the hell are these "they" I know are out there?

Does anyone remember Commander Tom on Sunday mornings? Just curious. I still remember KIDS, Inc.

I got my shopping done...but I haven't wrapped the gifts yet. I think I should just do one gift per day, bring it home and put it under the tree just to tease my daughter mercilessly about what she's getting for Christmas. Before you say "That's so cruel!", keep this in mind..she asked me to help her wrap my own present. No, I didn't see it..but do you know what kind of torture that IS?!

I'm starting to feel better...nope, it was just a burp. False alarm.

I think I need more coffee.

Where are you DC?

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