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7/22/2005 7:05 pm

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sex feet

Hello all,
Sounds like not many people been writing about their experiences! This prompts me to share my latest experience with J.

Manuela has been acting crazy, and now we are not seeing each other at all. (check her story on earlier pages- The dancer). In addition, I was starting to get bored with her and starting getting "de-eroticised"... In addition to that, there was the winter blues.

One of the season's I dislike most is winter. Here on this side of the planet, it has been cold for some time, with minimal foot exposure. This reflects on the social situation. So, when I meet new people I don't get to check their feet.

One of the latest encounters was J. I met her through a friend- she was his ex's roomate. We met on couple of occasions and ended up exchanging phone numbers followed by watching a movie... All this time, like everyone here would react, subconsciously I was trying to figure out how her feet/toes looked like, and how they felt. The only clues I had were the shape and size of her shoes. They were proportional to her hight- she is tall...

One evening I invited J. for home-made wine. she said that she won't be able to make it before 10pm. I was like, "there is no problem"... I wasn't sure what she thought of me or what she expected- I had no clues, except that she wanted to come for wine in the middle of the wk at 10pm. My feeling was basically that there wasn't much chemistry btn us. I decided to keep the previous pace going. It was one of those nights you will be satisfied with maybe just getting to massage her feet!
If not, "there is no big deal"...

Just a brief description of J.
J. is a red-hed. She has very short hair enough to rub some oils into it to make it look "straightly wet". Her eyes are blue, but her face in general is of average workingclass beauty. She has a nice body shaped by activities such as cycling swimming and yoga. She is taller than me. Probably she is like 178-80cm. Agewise, she is in her early 30's.

As the night went on to be late. She mentioned that she will have to drive back. I was like, "oh sure, but just in case, feel welcome to stay". I gave her the usual offer: sleeping seperately vs sharing a bed... She didn't reply, but she seemed completely disinterested in leaving.

We were on the couch sitting at opposite ends cross legged and facing eachother. to my surprise, she grabbed one of my feet and confidently started massaging it. Surprised but also appreciative, I took that as an invitation to grab one of her feet. We were simultaneously rubbing eachother's feet! I peeled off her sock and started "the undersole technique of pleasure and joy". Her feet were long. Her smaller two toes were short and curled. Her other toes were long. Her biggest toe was slender and oval- I thought it perfectly fit my lips and mouth's opening if placed along them. by that time, my fetish feelings were awakened, and I had to give her the rest of the pleasure technique.

-"Are you enjoying this?" I asked.
-"Oh, Yes. I love my feet being massaged"
-"I am sure you would enjoy the best massaging technique known to humanity!"
She was like:"yeah go for it show me"
- I was like " you need to close your eyes. i need few minutes to focus because it needs lots of focusing"
She closed her eyes and smiled.
My face went closer to her sole. I was admiring what I had between my hands. The longest sole I have ever held (about 43 Euro). My lips came closer and closer, my heart started racing. She was like "when are you going to start?"
-"I told you I will need sometime to focus"..."Now close your eyes again"...
This time I started by gentle blowing at the tips of her toes just like the wind breezing through the tree leaves.
My lips gently kissed her toes and soles. Eventually wrapped her toes and started sucking. I thought about the gentle frequency of toe movements against her skin and how much neuronal chills it produced. I helped those chills ascend on her legs. As I closed my eyes, and the sound of her oral-intestinal breathing grew. Everything was in total harmony, as I grabbed her other foot and buried my face into both soles. They were so long that I could roll my face up and down left and right and still felt the sole power on my face...

In bed, things continued overnight. Not enough space to share everything. She seemed to have the natural reactions expected by me. As I kissed her back downwards, she flexed her legs and rubbed my penis against her soles...I am so sure that she was initiated by one of us and had some experience that she knows how to stir the ship into its destination...That was my first time ever that a woman takes "a foot initiative" against me! Wow. What a J.?

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