Our First Time ..  

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6/12/2006 6:10 pm
Our First Time ..

My Mom married my new Dad when I was in the 5th grade. A few months after they married I had a friend spend the night and she woke me up laughing because she could hear them upstairs in the room above me fucking. I was so embarrassed but then would lay awake at night to see if I could hear them. I knew that my Mom kept one of those plug in back massagers in her drawer and sometimes I would sneak into her room and plug it into the wall and push it onto my pussy. Then one day I found her vibrator and started to sneak into her room and borrow it. When I was in the 7th grade, I crept into the room to borrow the vibrator again and found a video in the drawer and put it in the VCR. I watched my Dad and Mom fucking and got super excited. For years when I would masturbate I would remember the part where my Dad was licking her pussy and imagine that it was me and it would always make me cum. I paid close attention to how she sucked his dick incase I ever had one in my mouth I would know what to do. I started to fantasize about fucking my Dad all of the time and even recorded my own copy of the tape so that I could watch it when ever I wanted to. At night when I would hear them fuck I would rub my pussy until I came and even got daring sometimes rubbing it just outside of their bedroom door. By the time I was in high school I was curiously horny and after experiencing sex with boys at school, I knew that my Dad probably did it better. I started to do little things to tease him to see if he might secretly want to. I would use their shower around the time that he was supposed to be home from work and would leave the bathroom door open. I would wear long t-shirts around the house and accidentally expose my panties. Sometimes I would give him that look or drop hints. We always vacationed a lot and I would make sure to always be around him in my bikini, letting the knots come untied and stuff. One night I fell asleep after masturbating to his tongue and woke up thinking that he was above me and reaching for my pussy. My heart was racing and I froze looking at the wall. When I woke up I was not sure if I had just dreamed it because of my thoughts the night before but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and it got me more and more wet and curious. Finally, one day I came home from school and went into my Mom’s room. I did not know that my dad was home and when I walked in he was laying on his back in bed under the covers with his knees bent up. I jumped because I did not expect him to be there and when I did I scared him to and he dropped a picture of ass bent over coming out of a pool in my bikini. I saw it and then he dropped his legs trying to cover up what he was doing but I saw the sheet tent from his hard cock. (Lucky him I was super stoned because some boys had talked me into smoking pot on the way home from school) and I said “are you doing that about me?” and he didn’t say anything and something came over me like all of a sudden I was in control and he wasn’t the boss. So I pulled my shirt off and he instantly got hard again when I asked if I could see his dick. He put his mouth on my tit and bent my neck down to his cock and tried to suck it like I had seen my Mom do in the video but he kept telling me how to do it a different way and then got up and bent me over the bed penetrating me with his cock really hard and fast while licking my back and squeezing my tits. He flipped me over holding my legs on his shoulders and pounded my pussy. Then for the first time ever, I had my pussy licked and knew what it was like to cum during real sex. When my body went out of control, he put his cock back inside of me pounded a few times and then pulled it out cuming all over my belly. Then the garage door started to open and we raced to get dressed before my Mom came in. I ran to my room and shut the door. I was kind of freaking because I couldn’t believe what I just did. A few minutes later she knocked at my bedroom door and I opened it and she gave me a kiss and asked me how my day was. For several weeks it was really weird in the house and Dad and I avoided each other and dinner time was really uncomfortable until one night ………….


10/19/2006 12:02 am

damn, that sounds sooo hot, what a lucky daddy!! so then what happened one night???? lol

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