Game Over  

Da_Lone_Elf 50M
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6/19/2006 9:36 am
Game Over

Well it seems the game is done for me.
I’m so glad my maiden had her shell destroyed.
While mine was only cracked a little.
Now probably harder then before.
She had help, from the men who don’t know what a shell is.
She was pulled from it, with all the help
But what is a man to do when
He is expected to break free on his own
I got some help but nothing like she received
I did all that I could think to do
Tried following the advice of those that gave it
But in the end it comes down to
I just don’t know how to flirt
Never really learned
I tried to be friendly and approachable
But regardless what they say
Woman’s choice “my ass”
It’s still up to the men to make the first move
I don’t want to seem pushy
Don’t want to over step my bounds
For those of us without the skill or nerve
The ladies just mostly ignore
So for this game, I guess it’s just not for me
But what I do not understand
Is before a meet of any kind
Why do some women decide
That a man is not worth their time
I sent out several messages to those in a group
Not being crude or rude at least in my mind
But to not even get a response
I just do not understand
Some may have left the group, ok
But others remain active and choose to ignore
So with that all said
For me this game has come to an end
I really wish I could play, but I guess it’s just not for me
Game Over, looks like I loose

Okay for those few that actually read this, you see that I'm done, unless a miracle of some sort happens this will be my last post. This site, this life style, just does not seem to work for me.

To those very few Ladies that gave me some memoriable experiences, you know who are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are not the reason I'm done, you are the reason I stayed this long. You have done all that you could to make it a good experience for me, but there are far more that just don't seem to care. For the few that will miss there are many more that won't.

For those of you that do care & will miss Da Elf, I will stay on yahoo.

*The lights grow dim, & Da Elf disappears back into the shadows from whence he came*

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