Dipping in the Moonlight part 4  

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4/17/2006 10:26 am

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Dipping in the Moonlight part 4

He has no choice but to put his hands down on the rock he is sitting on to keep himself from sliding off back into the deep pool. He can feel her working her mouth and hand on his hard cock, as she just floats there in the deep water. The motion in the water and her movements to keep herself in one spot adds a strange new sensation to the cock sucking that he has never experienced before. She sucks his cock and works her mouth up and down on his hard shaft. One hand strokes his cock down to his balls, matching the motion of her mouth working the head and upper part. Her other hand slips under his ass and slides her middle finger between his checks. She stops the motion of hand and mouth on his cock as she sucks extra hard on just the head at the exact instant she presses the tip of her finger against his anus.

He gasps in pleasure and surprise at the duel sensation, but relaxes some allowing her finger to enter him slowly. Feeling his reaction she continues to suck just the head of his cock, while she slowly pushes her finger deeper into him. Once she has her finger in as deeply as she can reach, she starts to work his cock up and down again with both mouth and hand. She then begins pulling her finger in and out of his ass matching the motion on his cock. He looses all track of time as she works him like this bringing him to the brink of climax, time and time again, but each time she senses how close he is she stops and changes her rhythm. Finally when he can take it no longer, she senses his great urgency and when he reaches that point she gives a forceful push driving her finger even deeper into him. She also thrusts her mouth hard and fast down his cock. He convulses as he spurts several times into the back of her throat, which she swallows quickly and sucks hard to get every drop from him.

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4/17/2006 1:10 pm

omg damn mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now where to mmmmmmmmmmmmm
love it


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