The story of my sexual life, part one.  

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8/24/2005 11:06 pm

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The story of my sexual life, part one.

What follows is true, every word of it, except for the names, which I changed for obvious reasons.

I'll eventually spill the beans of my entire sexual history, a few paragraphs at a time.

This first part takes you from the very first encounter I had through the end of my childhood. The next part begins at age 15 . . . enjoy.


I guess my sexual awareness first reared its head, so to speak, at the tender age of six. It's a simple matter for me to pinpoint the exact day, because on the afternoon of my sixth birthday I committed my first sexual act.

I had gone to a friend's house after my birthday party (the only birthday party I had as a child) and a conversation about sex arose following his exposure of a magazine he had found in his brother's room. The magazine was an explicit adult one that showed various acts of intercourse that we really couldn't make sense of and one picture that was quite easy. There was a picture of a man standing, leaning against a wall while a woman knelt before him sucking his cock.

I ended up sucking my friend's cock and having my cock sucked in return. Neither of us knew what we were doing, of course, but I do remember it feeling good. We continued our cock-sucking sessions over a period of a few weeks before his mother caught us and ended our relationship. I was confused at the time, but that didn't matter, his mother thought I was evil.

The man Mom worked for then, Mr. Cliquinoi (Mr. Click), took me aside and gently explained to me that good boys didn't do that. He was pretty cool about the whole thing and tried to explain why it felt good and that I would probably find a woman to marry when I grew up that would make me feel good like that. I still think of Mr. Click fondly. He certainly did well with what he had to go on, in spite of his obvious homophobia. He didn't make me feel like I had been bad so much as what I did was bad. It's weird, but I think my conversation with him is what paved the way for much of my later experimentation.

My next sexual encounter was the next year. It was warm outside and it happened on the way home from school, so I'm guessing I was still six, or had just turned seven. I was walking a girl home from school, and we stopped in the park and lay in the tall grass. We stared at the clouds and talked, and the subject of sex arose. I told her about me and my friend from the previous year and she asked me if she could see my penis. I pulled down my pants and she stared at it for a few moments and then started sucking it. I asked her if I could suck hers and she told me she didn't have one. She pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties and showed me that she was, indeed, deformed! I connected the facts that I'm concave, she's convex (or vice-versa, what do you expect from a seven-year-old?) ... bingo! I put my cock inside her and lay there, not moving, for several minutes while we giggled. She finally asked me to take it out, and I did. I went home feeling good about the day, with visions of "going steady" racing through my pre-pubescent mind.

The next day at recess, I walked up to her and said "Hi." She stuck her tongue out at me and told me I had cooties. Girls seemed so strange to me then . . . I called her a "poo-poo head" (or something equally inane) and ran away, heart-broken and crushed.

I told my cousin, Marcy, about it sometime shortly after it happened, or maybe it was a long time later, I guess it must have been later that year. She told me she would show me how to do it right if I was interested. Boy, was I interested! Marcy was a nymphomaniac in training and had been sexually active for a year already. She was 12 at the time, and had fairly large breasts and pubic hair. She taught me how to fuck, and most of the terminology surrounding the sexual act. She was a bit kinky and introduced me to several things that may have otherwise taken me years to even conceive, let alone do. She would finger-fuck my ass while sucking me and often offered me her anus for licking and fucking. She taught me how to perform cunnilingus, and many other advanced sex games. My first three-way was with her and one of her schoolmates. I was the center slice of a sandwich (her friend fucking me in the ass while I fucked her). It was pretty awkward, and in retrospect, quite funny.

Marcy and I remained sexually active for over a year, and it only ended because Mom moved to Des Moines. We moved in with my uncle Dan, his first wife (Ellen), and their two kids, Patty and Johnny. I hadn't been there a week before Patty and I were fucking. She would only fuck "normal" --- no fellatio, cunnilingus, or anal --- but it was better than nothing. We fucked almost daily for quite some time, I think a year or so, before other activities drew me away.

There was a group of boys in the neighborhood that I naturally gravitated toward, being of the same age. They had a club that met almost every day in a little shed under the back stairs of the house next to Uncle Dan's. This club was very sexual in nature and was ruled by a whole slew of little regulations. The meetings were called to order and a deck of cards was sat on the ground in the center of the circle we formed. We all drew cards until a Queen was drawn. Whoever drew the first Queen had to pretend to be a girl. The cards were then shuffled while the "girl" got naked and we all started drawing cards again. Whoever drew the first Ace got to fuck the girl in the ass. The person who drew the second ace got a blowjob from the "girl" while the first ace was fucking "her" ass. The other guys just sat around and watched. The rules gradually changed over time, introducing group masturbation among the non-participants. Shortly after the introduction of masturbation, "penalties" for cumming were introduced. The details are time-consuming, and changed often, so I'll skip to when the rules were completely revamped. There was one kid in the group who asked me to come to his house after school one day. Once we were in his room, he offered me a quarter to suck his cock. A quarter was a lot of money then, and besides, I liked sucking cock, so I complied. We talked about it after, and it was decided that I should be allowed to be the girl at all the meetings. He brought it up at the next meeting, and everyone agreed that if anyone wanted to be a girl, they could. It turned out that two of us liked sucking cock and became official girls. This kept up for the entire two years we lived at that house. At least five times a week, I would spend an hour or so getting fucked and sucking cock. During this entire time, I was only able to go to the meetings during the two hours that everyone (Mom, Uncle Dan and Ellen) was working. Even then, if Mom was home, I was forced to “make something of myself” by doing reading and writing assignments she’d give me.

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