Sexual History, Part 4  

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Sexual History, Part 4

The second day of the first semester of 10th grade, I was hanging out in the smoking area and a girl came up to me and told me I was cute. She wasn’t pretty by any one’s definition, but for some reason I was drawn to her. We chatted after introductions and she offered me a ride home from school. After school, I met her in the parking lot. Her brother drove a station wagon made up like a hearse and I thought that was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Carol said we had to ride in the back, and we climbed in.

She asked me if I wanted to play chicken. I said sure and laid my hand on her knee. She laid her hand on my thigh. I moved my hand up a few inches, as did she. Before long, she was fondling my cock and I was fingering her pussy while we french-kissed.

We got to her house before either of us came, and just got our pants zipped up in the nick of time. Her brother opened the back and let us out.

The song "When Will I See You Again" was playing and I looked at Carol and sang the chorus. She smiled and said she would see me at school the next day and I could walk her home through the foothills. She grinned a rather seductive grin and licked her lips, leaving me with lustful vision of what tomorrow would bring.

I walked Carol home after school the next day and as we were walking, we talked about a lot of stuff. We came to a secluded spot, large brush making a “tent” near a stream and Carol suggested we take advantage of the privacy. We were naked within seconds of entering this natural canopy, and as my cock entered her, I realized how long it had been since I had sex with anyone but myself. I managed to hold out until Carol came, then I shot into her with a year-and-a-half's worth of unspent lust. We laid there, me going soft inside her, for a few minutes. She said it was getting late and she should be getting home. I asked her if this meant we were going together and she said it was up to me. I said “okay, we're going together.” I walked the rest of the way home wondering if I was in love and came to the conclusion that I didn't know. How was I supposed to know . . . it was my first girlfriend.

Carol and I lasted almost two months before we broke up. I found out she had been fucking everyone except me. We've never had sex since that first time. The way I found out is that she told me she was pregnant and she was going to marry Bill instead of me ‘cuz he had a “real” job. She told me it was my kid, she thought (because I was the only one she fucked in the timeframe that didn’t use a rubber), but that didn't make a difference. I wasn’t very broken up about it, relieved even, because I had other shit going on right then and had no time to worry about Carol.

Just the week before Carol’s bombshell, I had awakened one night getting head from Theresa! As soon as I realized who it was, I made her stop, but somehow my ass-hole uncle found out and called Social Services, who in turn called the police.

The long and the short of that incident was the D.A. offered to drop the charges if I signed up for the Army. Even though Theresa had ‘fessed up, I was worried that I could end up in jail and agreed. To this day, the ass-hole is still telling everyone I his daughter.

Theresa and I had a long talk, and I told her if she wanted to experiment with me, she would have to wait until she was old enough, and for now, I was honored that she had a crush on me. I left her with ego intact, even puffed up a bit, I think.

I was kicked out of Coronado later that year and we moved to the East side. I went to Mitchell then, which was a better school, a better football team. I dated quite a few cheerleaders...all but three of them. I got hand-jobs from two of 'em, and one, Cindy, let me eat her out and gave me head. Other than that, my sex life was pretty dull. For the first few months and then . . . well, let me slip into “journal mode” and write the rest of this as though it’s a diary, that way, I can interject emotions and feelings in first person:

I met Henry at a party last night. He came up to me after obviously checking me out. I could see he was interested in my body, he was sooooo obvious. He stood in front of me for a couple minutes, just staring me down. I finally averted my gaze on the pretext of taking a sip of beer, and when I looked back, he was still staring at me, but his eyes were on my hard cock and there was a smile on his lips.

He asked me if I would go outside for a talk with him. I said I was busy, and he asked me if I was too busy to talk about money. I said "what about money," and he just said "Outside."

We walked down the street to his car and he told me to get in. I did, and as soon as our doors were shut, he told me he thought I was very good looking and asked me if that bothered me. I told him it made me self-conscious to be thought good-looking by anyone. He asked me if it made me nervous that a guy found me attractive and I said no. He told me he would give me a hundred dollars if I would go to his house and let him take nude photos of me. I could feel my cock getting harder and I agreed to his proposal.

While we were driving to his house, he told me that a lot of guys lived there, and most of them would be naked when we got there. He asked me if that would freak me out, and I coyly said that would excite me. He grinned and put his hand on my crotch and began rubbing my hard-on. I returned the favor and was quite pleased at the massive bulge I was caressing. He groaned and asked me to take his cock out of his pants.

I reached over and unzipped his jeans. I couldn't get him out, so I unsnapped his jeans as well. He wasn't wearing underwear, and his cock sprang out, a full eight inches and pretty thick. I began slowly masturbating him, causing his groans to become louder. He told me he would give me another fifty if I would suck his cock right then.

I immediately bent over him and took his full length into my mouth. Goddamn, he tasted good! His cock was bigger than any I remembered sucking. He was hard and hot, and I reached inside my jeans and rubbed my cock while I sucked him. He came real fast; about three minutes of rapid bobbing was all it took, and when he came, I swallowed his cum greedily. The car swerved a little when he came, but he got control and pulled over to the curb. I continued to lick and suck his cock until he gently pulled my head off and did up his jeans.

He told me that I could make a lot of money acting in movies for him if I was interested. I said I'd think about it, and he drove to his house. When we got there, he led me to the front door and said something silly like "Welcome to Paradise" and opened the door.

We walked into the living room to find four guys watching TV. They were all naked. They were all about my age or a little older. They all looked up when we walked in. Henry said simply, "this is Jay."

They all said hi and went back to watching TV. Henry led me to his basement and told me to undress while he got his camera ready. His basement was entirely too cool. The walls were lined with furniture and theater sets, stuff like fake walls with doors and windows and stuff. There were floodlights all over the place, and a lot of camera equipment. It was obviously the stage where he made the movies he asked me if I was interested in.

I took off my clothes and he stared at me for a few minutes then mumbled that I was incredible. My cock was still hard, and I hoped that he would give me head or at least ask me to jack off for him. He got his camera ready and turned on some lights that were pointed at a large "rock" made of paper mache.

"Pretend the camera is someone you're interested in seducing, Jay, and use the rock to help you seduce him...just pose for me, sexy."

I went to the rock and leaned back against it and took my cock in my hand. I slowly stroked myself and looked as sexy as I could, licking my lips and lowering my eyes while he took several shots. I turned around and leaned over the rock, spreading my ass cheeks and putting a finger in my ass. I don't remember what all I did, but I tried to be sexy for him, I tried to seduce him, and it worked. After two rolls of film, he came up to me and kissed me.

He fondled my cock and caressed my ass and chest. Then he turned me around and kneeled behind me and began licking my ass-hole. It felt good having my ass fucked by his tongue. After a while, he stood up, spit in his hand and lubricated his cock. I spread my legs as wide as I could and leaned against the rock. He placed the head of his cock against my ass and slowly pushed into me until his cock was buried to his pubes. He began to slowly fuck me and reached around and masturbated me at the same time. As his thrusts became harder and faster, he stopped jacking me off and began pinching my nipples.

I took my cock in my hand and masturbated furiously, spraying cum all over the rock in seconds. My orgasm caused my ass-hole to spasm, which made Henry cum. He leaned against me and asked me if he could go soft inside me. I said I would like that, and he did.

When he pulled out, he yelled "John!" and a few seconds later, a guy came down the stairs. "I have a mess for you to clean up."

The guy took Henry's cock in his mouth and licked it clean. Henry told me to lean over the rock again, and as soon as I did, John started licking my ass-hole. It felt good, but I felt kind of weird and said so. Henry assured me that John enjoyed his job and to just relax.

"Don't you like your job, John?" asked Henry. "Yes, I love sucking cum out of ass-holes and off cocks." I mentally shrugged and let him finish.

When he was done, Henry handed me two hundred dollars. "The extra fifty is for the fuck. I pay even better for movies if you're interested."

"I'm always interested in money and sex . . . money for sex seems like a great deal," I quipped.

He told me I could spend the night and he would call me and let me know when he had a script for my movie ready. I was tempted, but a little scared and said I had to get home before Mom started worrying.

"Okay, I'll drive you. I got home at 4:00 this morning and Mom was asleep, thank god. I immediately started wishing I hadn't hedged when he mentioned movies and made the decision that when he called, I'd say yes. I can't wait 'till Henry calls me.

Henry called yesterday. He asked me if I wanted to do it and without hesitation said what I had been dying to say for a week; "You bet!" He asked if Mom was home and when I told him she was, he asked to speak to her and get things set up. He told her he was a magazine salesman and that I had agreed to travel with his crew during Christmas break selling magazines if it was okay with her. She agreed and Henry picked me up a short while later.

As soon as we were out of sight of the apartment, I put my hand on his crotch.

"Who! Hold on thar, pardner," he said "save that for later."

He took me to his house and handed me the script for the movie he wanted me to star in. He led me to a bedroom that he said I would share with one of my co-stars and left me to read the manuscript, telling me that he would be in the basement when I had finished.

I read it and masturbated three times before I was finished. That was some hot stuff and I couldn't wait to get started. I found him in the basement arranging a locker-room set. He asked me if I thought I could handle it and I replied with a flippant "of course."

He said the job would pay fifteen hundred dollars. Silly man, I would have done it for free. I asked him if he needed anything and he said I could help him with the set. When I coyly said that wasn't what I meant, he said that he didn't mess with his actors, he wanted them to save themselves for the movie. I was a little miffed, but said "whatever" and went back to my room.

Henry came up a little while later and apologized for being so abrupt. He kissed me and rubbed my cock. He told me I could give him head if I wanted to, but that I had to promise not to have any orgasms until he started shooting the movie. I bent to his cock and gave him head. When he came, I reached down and started furiously masturbating. He pulled me off his cock and pulled my hand off my cock. "Patience, Jay, you promised."
I groaned and complied. He suggested a cold shower. A little later, I met my roommate, Bob. He was not only my roommate in real life, but he played my roommate in the movie, my jealous roommate who wanted to be my lover. We got along real well. We were both naked all evening, and both agreed that we couldn't wait until our big love scene. Dinner was a trip. There are eleven guys living here, and all of us stay naked pretty much all of the time. Henry has a glass-topped table, and it was pretty difficult for me to eat what was on the table with all that meat in sight beneath it. Sigh. All in due time, my boy, patience. It was real hard for me to not masturbate, but I managed, and got a full nine hours sleep. Today was pretty much a mega-tease. Henry says it's good to be constantly turned on without actually having an orgasm for the few days before a movie. Tomorrow's the big day. A star is born.

The movie was a lot of fun. My ass-hole and jaw are sore, and my cock is pretty raw, but I'd have done it all again the next day. Henry gave me fifteen hundred dollars like he said he would, and he said the next movie would pay two thousand because I have a scene where I do seven guys, four at a time! It was a trip watching the movie I made today, even more erotic than actually making it. My favorite scene was where my roommate hires two black thugs to me 'cause he's jealous of my flings. I'm asleep and they break into the apartment and I wake up to see two black men with guns grinning at me.

"Stay there and do what you're told and we may not have to kill you." one of 'em says.

Then the other guy comes to the side of the bed and tells me to take his cock out of his pants. I pretend to be scared as I pull his pants down and his cock pops out.

"Suck it!" he commands.

I take him into my mouth and begin sucking and the other guy strips and walks over to the bed. He takes a bottle of oil off the nightstand and lubes his cock and tells me to get on all fours. I stop sucking the other guy’s cock and tell him I'm a virgin. He slaps my ass and says "Good, you should be nice and tight."

The other guy grabs my hair and forces my mouth back onto his cock. The second guy lubes my ass-hole and slowly pushes his cock into me. I pretend it hurts really bad and beg for mercy. The first guy slaps me and forces my mouth back on his cock. One of them tells me to hold still and they both start fucking me. It was really hard for me to not touch myself, but I was supposed to be scared, and it would be hard to convince the audience that the reaction to fear is masturbation. Anyway, they kept fucking me faster and faster. The guy in my ass came first and sprayed his cum all over my back. He told me to reach back and fondle him. His cock was slippery with oil and felt real good in my hand.

The guy in my mouth came shortly after, telling me to jack him off in my mouth. I did, and he sprayed his cum in my mouth and all over my face. They got dressed and left me covered with cum and pretending to be sobbing.

My roommate came home right after and consoled me with a body massage that ended in a blowjob. I came hard and fast, within a few seconds and we had to repeat part of the scene so there would be several minutes of the blowjob. I didn't mind one little bit.

The whole movie was about a slut (Andrew, played by me) and the person who was in love with him (Tino). Andrew likes sucking cock and until his scene with the , is an anal virgin. He has a real fixation and will suck anyone, anywhere. He picks up a guy in the movie theater, giving him head there, and later at the guys apartment. He pretends to twist his ankle while jogging in the woods and sucks off the guy who stops to help him. He gives a policeman head to avoid a speeding ticket.

That was a fun scene. I was sitting in a car on the side of a country road sucking the "Policeman's" cock. We had to stop shooting three times to allow cars to pass.

Anyway, Tino's plan back-fires, because after the , Andrew decides he's absolutely worthless and begins not only sucking any cock put near his lips, but lets guys fuck him, too. The climax of the movie comes near the end when Andrew's trainer seduces him in the club's locker-room. While the trainer is fucking Andrew, several other guys come in and Andrew ends up pulling a train. It was cool watching myself get fucked by five guys, one after the other. Like I said, I'm sore, but I can't wait 'till next week. Henry said we could fool around until Saturday, but no sex on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Man! This last movie was incredible! I've got to go home in two days, but Henry said he’d let me know if he has a part for me where he only needs me for a couple hours. All last week I was Henry's "houseboy", which means I sucked his cock two or three times a day and slept with him. I like sleeping with Henry.
I usually sucked his cock and then he snuggled up with me, him behind me holding me. He's only fucked me once. One morning he woke up with his hard cock in my ass. I had been awake for several minutes and had spread my cheeks so that the tip of his cock was pressing against my ass-hole. When he didn't wake up, I spit on my fingers and gently lubricated myself. I did this a few times, and finally, his cock slid into me. I just lay there, waiting for him to start moving and slowly stroking my cock. When he did wake up, he started slowly fucking me and moaning. His breathing became ragged after a few minutes and he started fucking faster. After about five minutes, he told me to get on my hands and knees.

We managed to make the move without his cock slipping out, and I found myself watching him fuck me in the mirror on his headboard. He lost control and really pounded my ass for several minutes before cumming in one, violent thrust. I could feel his cock throbbing as the cum drained from him. He collapsed on me and I reached beneath myself and fondled my cock. I really liked feeling his cock soften inside me. He didn't pull out, he just let his cock get so soft it came out on its own. As soon as his cock left my ass, he rolled off me onto his back. I took his cock in my mouth and tried to bring him back to life, but even after ten minutes of pulling every trick in the book, he remained soft.

"Jack off for me." he said.

I did, and he got out a video-cam and taped me. When I was through, he said the film was for his personal collection and he would give me a hundred dollars for it. I smiled and told him to consider it a gift. He smiled and said he would have to return the gift. He bent over me and licked my cum from my chest and stomach, then proceeded to suck my cock. I came pretty quickly and he laughed and said that was what he liked about teenagers...they cum so often.

Anyway, the movie was about a football team that had a rule that if anyone fumbled during a game, they had to be a boy-toy afterward. I fumbled on purpose and took them all on, four at a time.

Fucking incredible! I was laid on a bench on my back with my neck on the edge and my head laid back. One guy knelt in front of my face and fucked my mouth. Another guy straddled the bench and fucked my ass while two other guys stood on each side while I jacked them off. When the guys I was jacking off came, they sprayed their cum all over my chest. When the guy in my ass came, he pulled out and sprayed all over my cock and stomach, and when the guy in my mouth came, he sprayed into my mouth and all over my face.

I took on seven guys, and whenever one would cum, another would take his place. They all came once and three of them came a second time. It was 45 minutes of non-stop fucking. Henry said it was the hottest scene he had ever shot, and watching the scene, I agreed with him. Henry asked me if I had enjoyed it and I told him I loved it. He said he would definitely use me in future movies.

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