The day HELL froze over...  

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11/20/2005 7:42 pm

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The day HELL froze over...

On a seemingly hot day in HELL, Lucifier wakes up from his slumber, and then does his morning duties. He walks outsidehis cave high atop Hellfire Mountain and he noticed something wasn't right.

He SUDDENLY felt a cold shiver down the spine of his back, sending him running inside and reaching for the phone. He called his brother,Satan, to find out what's going on. He woke up sheepishly, because earlier he was partying the womanin red shoes, and the deviless in the blue dress.

Lucifier told Satan to go outside. Satan says,"Hold on...",while walking outside. When he gets outside, he asks,"Now what???".Lucifier says,"Don't you feel it.... the cold???".

Satan says,"LOOK, DEVIL, I AIN'T IN THE PLAYING MOOD RIGHT NOW....", then a cold shiver shot down his back.Satan runs back in and tell Lucifier that they should call their cousin, D.A. De Vil. He's the local weatherman there. So they call D.A. only to find out that he's in an emergency meeting with his boss, The GRIM REAPER.
MINNIE O'TUAR and SY CLOPES were also there.

BO GOODMAN was in route to the breaking news story. His cameraman,JASON,was with him. So they left a message and try to find out for themselves.

When SATAN got to LUCIFIER's house,it seems a little cooler inside. He quickly got his brother outside, just to see small slivers of water falling from above. They both look up,and on the mountaintop was ICE.

They both started screaming. They went to HADES ONLINE to check on the weather, and there's an emergency evacuation order from the powers-that-be(government,ya'll).

So then they click on the DEVIL NEWS NETWORK and see a frightening sight.... BO GOODMAN in a coat!!!

Then he says the 7 words that put death in every devil's heart...


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11/22/2005 7:48 am


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