A New Friend And More. . .  

DaEnergizer1974 42M
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6/12/2005 5:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A New Friend And More. . .

I met another AdultFriendFinder member for drinks on Friday. It was nice to finally meet someone off her. I mean, I've met other AdultFriendFinder members before, but that was when I was in AZ. We had a couple of drinks, ate some dessert afterwards. However, nothing came of it. . .physically though. I think I want more out of my playmate. However, again, it was nice to finally meet someone off the site.

Speaking of playmate, I had to update my profile. It now reflects my true carnal nature. It's weird, but I think people put to much emphasis on what others act like outside the bedroom and are too timid or shy to see what happens behind closed doors. Some of the most kinky, fun, sexual creatures are those who might seem reserved. Heck, you have to come off reserved in the corporate world, but I know of PLENTY of women who love to let loose once they punch out. Mmmm. . .I remember this one gal at an old job of mine who had that sexy libriarian look to her. . .man, I bet she was an animal in bed. I wish I got to experience that.

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