My First Bar Experience  

DVon85 31M
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4/15/2006 9:38 pm

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5/19/2006 10:04 am

My First Bar Experience

ya know, i just turned legal in ontario when i graduated college, and later after that, i moved to winnipeg with a job. I'm makin decent cash and have a fancy title and all that, but somehow that doesn't seem to satisfy me really. I have been here for 9 months now and i still haven't met a single person that i can call a friend. I've gone for a beer with a coleague of mine, but somehow that doesn't really satisfy the social comings that i require in my life.

Is it so much to ask for to have a friend? Not too many people are willing to invest the time in a friendship, from what i've seen anyways. I wish that people were more approachable and willing to commit to a friendship, whether they be male or femaile. In the end, i'm not lookin for a piece of ass or a fuck buddy. I'm lookin for a person who is willing to cry on my shoulders and someone who is willing to let me cry on theirs. Is that so much to ask?

If only it were that easy, life would be too simple. Man i wish life was easier

saddletrampsk 54F

4/15/2006 11:44 pm

Hey sweety
Winnipeg is a great city..I grew up there..

Maybe you need to get out more and meet more ppl..hope you find what you are looking for..

Welcome to blogland

VATraveler1948 68M

4/16/2006 5:04 am

Well, you certainly came to a place where friends often cry on each others shoulders, after all, that's what friends are for. The distance that usually separates on-line friends can be good. I know that I am at ease discussing intimate details with my on-line friends, something that I was always a little nervous about doing face to face. Another thing about the blogs here is that they pretty much flatten the age differences that exist in face to face meetings.

Jump into the blogs, read as many as you can and you will find that there are MANY people reaching out for companionship. Don't be shy about posting comments, that's how you make new friends. Welcome to Blogland!

hungry4luvin21 48M
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4/16/2006 11:45 am

It's unfortunate that you have not had any luck finding friends. I have had the good fortune of living in a few different places and visiting many more and I can tell you that Manitoba is one of the easiest places to meet people and develop friendships. Now that we are into spring and the weather is getting better it should become even easier as there will be lots of people out of their houses enjoying the weather. Try a trip to Grand Beach or check out many of the summer festivals in Winnipeg. You are certain to meet fun people at Clear Lake or even a nice day at the Forks.

Then there is your colleague? While the two of you might not become best friends I am sure he/she has some friends as well that you can meet and maybe they will become a good friend.

I have been where you are and it can be tough but hang in there and I think you will find there are lots of friendly people in "Friendly" Manitoba.

rm_mattd39 34M

4/20/2006 10:22 am

don't worry, one day you'll find someone to play with your dink

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