Drive Him Wild  

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12/7/2005 4:58 am

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Drive Him Wild

Tease him. Taunt him. Bring his arousal to new levels.

1. Press your lips behind his ear or against the groove on the back of his neck where the spine connects to the brain, twirling the tip of your tongue in soft, seductive motions.

2. Gently suck on his stomach just below his bellybutton.

3. Say his name, say his name, say his name...between moans and groans and especially when you're on the brink of the big "O."

4. Hold the back of his head when he's going down on you, run your fingers through his hair or grip gently with your nails.

5. Dining out? Take his hand a run it seductively up your inner thigh, slowing moving it higher and higher.

6. Nibble his bottom lip.

7. Bend over and let him go down on you from behind.

8. Play soft and sweet one night, a little rough and aggressive the next.

9. Whisper something naughty in his ear you know he'd love to try, something you've never discussed as an option.

10. If he does something that makes your knees weak, tell him.

11. Have him sit on his hands while you straddle his lap.

12. Make sure he has a clear view of the action while you're performing oral.

13. Doing it doggie-style? Have him remain still while you slide back and forth on his cock.

14. Touch yourself.

15. Let him enter you...just the head of his cock. Make him wait a minute before thrusts.

16. Lick the underside of his cock where the head meets the shaft.

17. Position yourself so you can watch as he slides in and out of you.

18. When you sense he's close to climax, switch positions while keeping him inside you.

19. Wear your hair down.

20. Tie his hands behind his back with your panties.

Ladies...have any tips or ideas of your own? Men...what does she do that drives you wild?

*from the DT archives

(Princess Lips)

12/7/2005 7:30 am

nods and grins...


DTduzDallas 50F

12/7/2005 9:03 am

You were supposed to share some of those devious thoughts running through your mind, not just nod and grin. We're waiting...

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